Posted by: RasmaSandra | September 27, 2022

The City With the Golden Gate Bridge

The city of San Francisco is among the most beautiful cities in the US and is considered to be the jewel of Northern California.

The Golden Gate Bridge stretches across San Francisco Bay. The bridge connects the city with Marin Country and other districts farther north. Taking four years to build, it opened in 1937 and at that time was considered to be the longest suspension bridge in the world. US Hwy 101 or SR 1 is the roadway to take if you are driving across the bridge. There are walkways on either side open to pedestrians and cyclists during daylight hours. The walk begins at the start of the bridge, accessible from the Presidio shuttle, and ends with a viewpoint in Marin County. You can enjoy cycling across the bridge to the nearby waterfront town of Sausalito. The Nob Hill area of San Francisco is the best place to get lovely views of the bridge.

To read more about San Francisco, please follow the link below:

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