All about me


  1. Thank you for the follow

  2. Hi there! Thanks a ton for stopping by and following my blog 🙂

  3. Your cat could be our Aragorn’s twin! 😀

  4. Beautiful photography. I especially like your title photo. Where is this taken?

    • If you are referring to the picture of me as a little girl with the ball then the photo was taken in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

      • No, I haven’t seen that photo yet… I meant the photo on your title, with the sweeping greens and water below. Is that Lake Constance?

  5. Oh, I see. I really don’t know where that is. I used the ready made theme from WordPress.

  6. Hi. I’ve nominated you for a Bloggers Recognition award, the info is at:
    Completely voluntary, you may have a virtual shelf full of these already. If you choose to recognize the award, here are the rules to the nomination….
    To accept your award You Must :
    (1) write a post to show your Award
    (2) Acknowledge the Blogger that nominated you
    (3) Give a brief story about how you get started blogging
    (4) Give two pieces of Advice for new bloggers
    (5) Nominate the deserving 15 bloggers

  7. Thank you for liking and commenting on my post “Will People Still Read Poetry in 100 Years Time?” if you would be interested in guest posting on my blog, about your collection of love poems published in December 2018, do please get in touch as I would be delighted to host you. Kind regards – Kevin

    • Thank you, Kevin. Yes, it would be a good idea. I could write a short piece about my love poems and my book. Please let me know how I can do this. Thank you.

  8. You can find out about guest posting and how to contact me here, I look forward to hearing from you and publishing your post. Apologies if you receive this comment twice. I replied by email, however it doesn’t seem to have appeared here, hence I’m commenting on the post itself. Best wishes – Kevin

  9. Thank you so much for the follow and comment. All the best, heidi

  10. Hi! As a heads up, I was just reviewing your About page, and I clicked under All About Me, and then where is says “My Autobiography” and it sent me to a site that I know was not you. 😬 I’m wondering if it could have gotten hacked😬😬

    • Thank you for coming to see me here and I will take a look.

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