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Traveling in Togo


Togo is located in a lovely spot on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. This country offers visitors palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages.

The Capital Lome

togo lome

Lome was once referred to as the Paris of West Africa.

togo musee national

The Musee National offers visitors a good look into the country’s culture and history. You enter the museum through the back of the Congressional Palace

togo independence

in the Place de l’Independence. There are displays of costumes, artifacts, musical instruments, pottery, traditional medicine, wood cravings and other relics from Togo’s history. There is also a large collection of cowrie shells and thunder-stones, huge egg-shaped rocks once used as legal tender.

togo marche

Tourists enjoy the Marche des Feticheurs located about four kilometers out of the city center. The market lets visitors see the odd assortments of things to buy such as traditional tonics and serpent heads, parakeet tails, warthog teeth, porcupine skins, chameleons, thunder-stones, horse hairs, donkey skulls and more. There is also a wide selection of  ready-made charms from all over Africa.

togo lome beach

One of the best beaches is Lome Beach. Here you can cool off with ocean breezes, see fisherman with their daily catch and vendors sell snacks, souvenirs and fruity drinks.

togo aneho

Aneho Beach near the eastern border of Togo is well worth a visit. You can see rocky outcroppings, the waves are strong and the coastline is dotted with colonial-era houses and colorful flora.

togo street food

Keep in mind that the street food is delicious in Lome and there are great eateries all over including Chinese, German and French restaurants.

togo beer

When the sun goes down locals enjoy the discotheques and bars where you can do some great western-style dancing. At the beaches near the border of Ghana you can get cold beer and tropical music till early morning. Locals enjoy Tchouk, a millet beer that is brewed right in the city. Other popular drinks include palm wine and Togolese.

Traveling the rest of Togo

 togo Kpalime

You’ll find the village of Kpalime about an hour and a half drive outside the city near the borders of Ghana. It is known for its cocoa plantations and weaving industry.

togo kpalime church

Visitors here like the Roman Catholic Church constructed in 1913.

togo kpalime mount agou

They also enjoy hiking Mount Agou which is Togo’s highest point to get great views of Lake Volta.

togo Lake-Volta-Togo

You can see craft sellers with voodoo wood carvings and mysterious religious trinkets.

togo koutammakou

Koutammakou is known as the “Land of the Batammariba” and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here in northern Togo you can find rustic villages built from adobe walls with thatched roofs. There are amazing mountains, mud-cracked bush land and many hills.

togo togoville

Togoville has given its name to the country and has voodoo shrines and mud brick huts. This small village is the place where the expeditionary Nachtigal signed an agreement with the chieftain of the land for German hegemony to extend to this part of West Africa. Visitors can get a look at this important document.

togo togoville german cathedral

Other things to get a look at are a lovely colonial cathedral and some little beaches to so some lake shore strolling.

togo agbodrafo

Another beautiful town to visit on the banks of Lake Togo is Agbodrafo famous for

togo agbodrafo hoteltogo agbodrafo pool

its popular resort hotel The Hotel le Lac. The town is known for water sports like pedal boating and jet skiing. On the other side of the town is the Atlantic Ocean with stretches of golden sand and rolling waves.

togo fazao national park

Fazao Malfakassa National Park is Togo’s largest national park right in the heart of the country. It is known for its thick forests and riparian woodlands.

togo fazao elephants

This is where you can find the uber-rare forest elephant. Here you can also see bay duikers, antelopes, kobs and bushbacks.

togo keran national 2

togo keran national

Keran National Park stretches along the Kamongou River. There are swamp lands and rocky escarpments. Visitors enjoy seeing the elephants. There are also bush bucks and antelopes.

togo lions national

Fosse aux Lions National Park this national park lies the farthest in the north. Here you can find many elephants and see savannah and muddy swamplands. This park includes the rustic town of Tandjouare with many hiking and game journeys starting from here.

togo sokode

Sokode is the hub of the Central river lands and it’s crossed by the rivers Mono and Mo. Its backcountry is irrigated by the channels of the Kpondjo, Kpandi and the Na. In the faraway hills you’ll find corn, yams, soy and cassava. You can see the fascinating rituals of the Semassi warriors during the Kotokoli Festival.

togo bassar

Bassar is popular with their fufu yams in central Togo. No other yam is as popular as the labaco that are grown in Bassar and used in the national kitchen.

togo bassar yams

Here you can also meet voodoo locals and tour the haunting so-called House of the Dead, honoring the tribal chieftains of old.

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Fascinating Liberia


Liberia a country in West Africa is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire. It sits on the Atlantic coast and offers many beaches and nature reserves.

Taking a Look at the Capital, Monrovia

lib monrovia

Hotel Ducor was originally built by Pan Am Airlines. It was once a luxury hotel and the site of key political meetings. Today even though it is a ruin it is well worth taking a look at. It has become one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. You can roam the once lovely grounds and get a peek at the large swimming pool.

Surfing in Monrovia, Liberia - Kendaja Beach

Head for the vibrantly active Waterside Market which offers most everything for sale, from colorful textiles to shoes and leather goods and so much more.

lib national museum

The Liberia National Museum offers visitors photo and art exhibitions. There are also fine ethnic and historical displays. You can see founding father J.J. Roberts’ dining table which was a gift from Queen Victoria of England. There are also paintings and items that represent Liberian tribal cultures. The museum has found a home in the building that was once the former legislature.

lib ej royce

The EJ Roye Building was once the most important structure in the capital. This ten-story building fell into disrepair during the Liberian coup. However it remains a symbol and icon of the city.


Silver Beach is a lovely beach for sunbathing, walking and relaxing. It is home to the best beach snack place in the area. Located just 15 km southeast of Monrovia.

lib united methodist

Visitors like to admire the architecture of the First United Methodist Church.

 lib thinkers

A most popular beach is Thinker’s Beach. It is a well-known party beach and gets crowded on weekends. Located 17 km from Monrovia.

lib providence

Providence Island is the spot where freed American slaves first came ashore. In the future the government is planning to turn the island into a historical attraction. It is just a short drive across the Gabriel Tucker Bridge from Waterside Market.

 lib executive

The Executive Mansion is a sprawling eight-story semicircular structure. It is home to the Liberian president and holds the offices of the executive staff and other political staff. It is closed to the public.

lib jj roberts 2lib jj roberts

Monument to JJ Roberts, who was Liberia’s first president. It is a tall rectangle with Roberts statue in front.

lib masonic temple

Even though the Masonic Temple isn’t open to the public it is worth strolling past this Freemason building to see the impressive architectural details.

lib rivoli

Rivoli Cinema is an intersting building showing mainly Bollywood movies.

Taking a Look at Liberia

lib sapo

Sapo National Park  is the most famous of Liberia’s duo of national parks. It stretches for 1,804 square kilometers in the Upper Guinean Rain forest.

lib sapo 3

It has one of the highest mammal biodiversity of anywhere in the world.

lib sapo 4

In the old growth woods you can see pygmy hippos and white-crested Diana monkeys, crocodiles, leopards, speckled-throat ed otters and chimpanzees.

lib robertsport

For those who love surfing there is Robertsport the tops of all of Liberia’s surfing spots. Here you can see long-haired wave riders hitting the rolling Atlantic swells.

lib robertsport 2

There are many surf schools. Visitors enjoy hiking along the coast of Cape Mount Bay to see the trademark timber and stone churches along the shore.

lib gabargna

The sprawling town of Gbarnga is surrounded by sweeping mud plains and the forests of inland Liberia. This is the regional capital of Bong County.

lib cuttington

This town is also home to the over 100-year old Cuttington University which is one of the most prestigious in the country. You’ll also see some dramatic waterfalls and earthy guesthouses.

lib harbel

Harbel on the Farmington River lies close to the Atlantic coast. Here you can find monkey-dotted beaches in the resort towns south of Monrovia.

lib harbel rubber

The town is home to the largest rubber plantation in the world and it is surrounded by rubber tree forests.

lib harbel airport

It is also home to the Roberts International Airport, the main access point to the northwest of the nation.

lib gola

The Gola National Forest is the new name for the Lofa-Mano National Park. Amazing primeval rain forest that sprawls along the northern border of Sierra Leone.

lib gola 2

Here you can see verdant canopies and endless stretches of colossal tree trunks and boughs. It is home to exotic dragonflies, chimpanzees, rare pygmy hippos and much more.

lib marshall

Marshall has lovely empty beaches, palm forest and mangrove swamps.

lib marshall monkey

Visitors enjoy the small archipelago named Monkey Island where chimps inhabit the jungles.

lib east nimba 2

East Nimba Nature Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here visitors delight in highland savannas, lowland rain forests

lib lion

and rare animals like the West African lion.

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Sierra Leone on the Atlantic Ocean


Our armchair travels through West Africa have taken us to the country of Sierre Leone. The country is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Freetown sierra freetown

Freetown is the capital and largest city in Sierra Leone. It is a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean.

sierra national museum

The Sierra Leone National Museum has two galleries. One is home to a collection of cultural and historical artifacts and the other has temporary exhibitions that

sierra national museum 2

include a collection of photos and documents which detail the colonial past of the city. A well-trained staff guides visitors through the exhibits.

sierra lumley beach

Visit Lumley Beach for some sand and sun. Especially on weekend this is where families come to play and relax.

sierra railway

The National Railway Museum can be enjoyed by everyone not just fans of the rails. There is an amazing collection of restored locomotives among them one that was once commissioned for the Queen of England in 1961. Visitors enjoy the displays of model trains and interesting photo of the glory days of the Sierra Leone railway. Take the time to look into the small gift shop.

sierra state-house-pic

Up on Tower Hill is the State House, overlooking the downtown area. The area is a fine example of Freetown’s old Krio architecture featuring brightly washed buildings and unusual window frames. The building itself incorporates the bastions and lion gate from Fort Thornton built at the turn of the 19th century.

sierra FourahBayCollege

Even thought the Old Fourah Bay College was gutted by fire in 1999 and only a shell remains it is still an interesting 1848 building to take a look at. The World Monuments Fund lists this building as one of the world’s 100 most-endangered historic sites.

sierra saint john

St. John’s Maroon Church built around 1820. It is a good example of Krio architecture and was built by returned slaves from Jamaica.

sierra law court

Take a look at the impressive Law Courts which have been beautifully restored.

sierra king-s-gate

The ancestors of almost all present-day Krios passed through King’s Yard Gate, atop Tower Hill in the strategic military Martello Tower, dating from 1805.

Sierra Leone Ebola

Today this is the site of Connaught Hospital. This is where the British brought rescued slaves so they could start new lives and they passed through the gate to get medical care by the British. Many of the new arrivals climbed up the nearby Old Wharf Steps which sometimes are mistakenly called the Portuguese Steps.

 sierra old wharf

The stones of the Old Wharf Steps were set in 1818.

 sierra cotton tree

One of the most famous landmarks in Freetown is the fat Cotton Tree, looming over the buildings of central Freetown. This tree is supposedly hundreds of years old. It played a key role in the history of the city, when poor black settlers rested beneath the tree after landing in Freetown in 1787. At times it is home to a huge colony of bats.

sierra st-georges-cathedral

St. George’s Cathedral was built in the early 1800s. This is a grand cathedral where you can get a look into the city’s colonial history.

sierra lighthouse

The 19th century lighthouse was refurbished in 2010.

sierra mosque

The impressive mosque in Freetown is the largest in the country.

sierra clock tower

At the intersection of some of Freetown’s busiest streets you’ll the interesting clock tower dating from the 19th century.

Exploring Sierra Leone

 sierra banana islands

The Banana Islands are a group of islands just off the coast of Yawri Bay, southwest of the Freetown Peninsula. They are made up of three islands two of which Dublin and Ricketts are linked by a stone causeway.

sierra Banana-Islands-Sunset

Here you’ll find shimmering beaches and lush rain forest.

sierra chimps

Close to Freetown is the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary located in the Western Area Peninsula National Park.

sierra chimps 2

The lovely rain forest protects the capital’s primary watershed. The sanctuary was established in 1995 to protect chimpanzees. Here are about 75 chimpanzees in several forested enclosures.

sierra chimps 3

Chimpanzees are listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources or IUCN. Sierra Leone is home to the Western Chimpanzee subspecies and holds the third highest population after Guinea and Liberia.

Here visitors can see chimpanzees up close in forested enclosures. For overnight stays the tranquil eco-lodges can give visitors time to relax in the rainforest.

Tiwaii Island, Sierra Leone, West Africa

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary with the weaving, winding capillaries of the Moa River. The river is the main channel which splits in two in the heart of Sierra Leone’s southern province.

sierra tiwaii diana monkey

This island is one of the most famous conservation spots in the country. It is home to some of the last remaining virgin rainforest in Sierra Leone. Here you can see Diana monkeys, pygmy hippos, chimpanzees and pangolins.

sierra turtle 2

The Turtle Islands are a wonderful tropical paradise around which lap the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are palms and mangroves. You can enjoy white-sand beaches. There are bamboo-built villages, fishing skiffs and campsites along the shore.

sierra tokeh 2

Tokeh Beach greets visitors with bamboo parasols, Atlantic breezes and golden sand. The shore is lined with palm trees. The Western Area Rural District has many luxury hotels and guesthouses.

sierra gola forest

Gola Forest Reserve is a favorite place for nature lovers and conservationists. It has a large population of chimpanzees.

sierra gola rain forest

There are old woodlands with colorful butterflies, forest elephants, pygmy hippos and more.

sierra bo 2

Bo Town is officially known as Bo. It is Sierra Leone’s second city sitting deep in the Southern Province. It is known for diamond prospecting and mining. It is a lively place due to the students at the Njala University.

 sierra outamba 2

If you’re interested in seeing chimpanzees at play and swinging mangabeys visit the Outamba Kilimi National Park. The park borders with the Republic of Guinea. It has savannah and woodland groves. This is the right place for ecotourism and you can take safaris to see hippos in the muddy waters of the Kilimi River, elephants in the forests, bongo antelopes on the ridges and chimpanzees.

sierra kenema

Sierra Leone’s third-largest city Kenema can be found deep in the middle of the Eastern Province, among the ridges of the Kambui Hills where the head down to meet the Moa River. Kenema has a colorful clock tower. It is the gateway to the chimp and colobus monkey home the South Kambui Hills Forest Reserve.

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Striking Senegal


Senegal is a country on the west coast of Africa. It has a rich French colonial heritage.

The Vibrant Capital

 sen dakar

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and it’s an Atlantic port on the Cap-Vert peninsula. Its traditional Medina quarter is home to the Grand Mosque with a towering minaret.

sen island

When the vibrant city gets to be too much head for the peaceful island of Ile de N’Gor. It is a small island off of Dakar’s north shore. There are some wonderful beaches on the bay side and fantastic, legendary surf on the northern coastline. Visitors enjoy relaxing on the beaches, stroll through the village and have lunch at a waterside eatery. If you prefer to stay for more than one day there are guesthouses available.

sen monod

The Musee Theodore Monod is one of the best museums in Senegal. There are exhibitions on African art and culture with more than 9000 objects on display. There are impressive displays of masks and traditional dress from across the region. You can also see carvings, drums musical instruments and agricultural tools. In a gallery behind the main building you can see contemporary art exhibitions.

sen african

The African Renaissance Movement is Africa’s highest statue. It was unveiled in 2010 to commemorate Senegal’s 50 years of independence from France.

sen african 2

The statue is 49 m in height and is taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York City and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

sen Mamelles_lighthouse_-_Dakar_-_2

Atop of one of Dakar’s few hills sits Mamelles Lighthouse dating from 1864. Take the twenty minute walk to get expansive views across the city and the water from the top. Visitors can visit the exterior of the lighthouse or take a short guided tour through the lighthouse and up to the top. The beam is visible from up to 53 km. There is also an open-air place at the base of the lighthouse for food and drinks with live music on Friday nights and Sunday brunch.

sen arts

Village Des Arts is a famous art complex where you can see the artwork of some of Senegal’s most promising and established painters, sculptors and multimedia artists.

sen arts 2

They create, shape and display their artwork in individual studios which are scattered around a large garden space. There is also an on-site gallery with exhibits from local artists and those from abroad.

sen ngor beach

Plage de N’gor is a small beach that is popular with families and young people playing football. There are some snack spots with tables. The beach is on Ile de N’gor and can be reached by pirogue.

sen plage de yoff

Plage de Yoff is a very clean beach which is popular with surfers due to the fantastic waves. There is a surf camp here and shacks that sell food and drink.

sen medina

Visit Medina the active popular quarter with tiny tailor shops,

sen medina market

a busy Marche Tilene and streets full of people. This quarter was built as a township for the local residents by the French in colonial day. It is the birthplace of Senegalese superstar and current minister of culture Youssou N’Dour.

sen grand mosque

This interesting neighborhood is home to Dakar’s 1664 Grand Mosque.

sen indepence square

Place de I’Independance is Dakar’s central square. It contains majestic colonial buildings among them the Gouvernance (the French governor’s office) and

sen inependence chambre-de-commerce-1440x564_c

the Chambre de Commerce.

Exploring Senegal

sen saint-louis

Sainte – Louis in northern Senegal is an interesting place. Get a look at the

sen saint-louis-senegal01 faidherbe bridge

fascinating arched steel construction of the Faidherbe Bridge stretching across the Senegal River.  The old city is impressive with French-style colonial buildings, whitewashed frontispieces in plantation style and shady arcades. In May jazz festivals are held here. There are fishing hamlets at Guet N’Dar, craggy cliffs and

sen barberie

exotic creatures of the Barbarie Peninsula.

 sen popenguine

Popenguine is located in the south on the panhandle of the Cap-Vert Peninsula. It is a small town and the gateway to many natural attractions.

sen Natural-Reserve-of-Popenguine-1024x683

The main one being the Natural Reserve of Popenguine.

sen popenguine cap de nez

There are the amazing rugged rock walls of the Cap de Naz that juts out into the Atlantic. It has a famous lagoon where all kinds of birds nest.

Magal Touba

Touba is the epicenter of the mystical Mouride order of the Sufis. It rises up out of the rolling Sahel of central Senegal.

sen touba grand mosque

There is a colossal Great Mosque with looming minarets. The soaring 87 m high minaret is most impressive and is known as the Lamp Fall. The town is full of visitors during the yearly Grand Magal when thousands come to honor the social and Islamic programs of the Sufi scholar and teacher.

sen tamba

Tambacounda is the town visitors visit when they want to head for other places in West Africa such as Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea. Here you can see the remains of the French colonial past and farming communities in the back country.

sen niokolo gambia

It is also the gateway to the legendary Niokolo-Koba National Park. The park stretches along the banks of the Gambia River.

sen niokolo derby eland

There is rich fauna, among them Derby elands (largest of antelopes), chimpanzees, lions, leopards and a large elephant population.

sen niokolo

There are also many birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

sen kaolack

Kaolack is located on the Saloum River. The town is known as a center of Islamic teaching and an industrial hub of Senegalese salt-production.

sen kaolack-medina-baye-1

Medina Baye is the vast central square from which you can look up to see the turquoise-domed tops of the great minarets.

sen kaolack market

Take a look at the Kaolack Market with many shops and sellers.

sen kaolack coofog

The Coofog are dotted with bulbous baobab trees and inform of the historic Serer Kingdom that once rules here.

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Amazing Mauritania


Mauritania in Western Africa is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. It counts as an Arab country.

Visiting Nouakchott mau noua

Nouakchott is the capital and largest city of Mauritania and one of the largest cities in the Sahara. This city serves as the administrative and economic center of Mauritania.

mau port

The star attraction in Nouakchott is Port de Peche. This is an active and lively port where you can see teams of fishermen taking out heavy nets. Small boys help out by carrying trays of fish which they sort, gut, fillet and lay out to dry. The best time for visitors to visit is in late afternoon when the fishing boats return to shore. You can see many pirogues.

mau port 2


The Nouakchott Fish Market is something to see with salt-washed pirogues packed with fish and seafood every morning and sellers haggling.

mau grand mosque

The Grande Mosque is an impressive sight with slender minarets and sandy courtyards. It is a most notable landmark in the city center.

mau National-Museum-of-Mauritania-1024x576


The Musee National makes its home in a building known as the Ministry of Culture. Here visitors can learn about Moorish culture. On the first level you’ll see displays in the prehistoric gallery with archaeological exhibits. On the second floor are ethnographic displays from the Moorish society.

mau mosque marocaine

A most precious landmark is the large Mosquee Marociane. 

Exploring Mauritania

 mau chin

Chinguetti is a city that seems to rise up out of the shifting sand dunes in the Sahara. It is part of a larger UNESCO World Heritage Site.

236 Chinguetti, Mauritania

At one time this was an important stopover between the Med in the north and sub-Sahara in the south. Visitors come to see the brick-built towers and the old fortresses of the Berber tribes and Almoravids dating back to the Middle Ages.

mau atar

Atar is the gateway to the Adrar Plateau. This town is bordered by the Western Sahara and has an earthy bazaar and sprawling crafts markets. There are some wonderful guesthouses and restaurants.

mau parc national

Parc National du Banc d’Arguin is one of the national parks of Mauritania. It is popular among bird watchers and serves as a breeding ground.

mau parc national 3

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you’ll find the largest concentration of migratory birds among them pelicans, terns, flamingos and broad-billed sand pipers.

There are shorebirds from Europe, Greenland and Siberia that fly over for the mudflats. This park is mostly composed of sand dunes and provides a perfect contrast between the dry desert and the Atlantic.

mau parc national seals

The waters all around are an abundant food source for both birds and people. You can also see different species of foxes, gazelles, killer whales, dolphins, monk seals and turtles.

mau oaudane 2

At the end of a long road that stretches from the capital Nouakchott you’ll find the town of Ouadane deep in the heart of the Mauritanian Sahara. You can see adobe stone barriers, rough escarpments and winding lanes and alleys. There are Berbers with collections of crafts and goods. It is a mysterious place from where many people have moved away.

mau oaudane 3

It’s well worth taking a look at and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking about take a look at the wadi and the fort. A small population still lives in the Old Town.

mau tichit 2

Tichit is an amazing place with the soaring tower of the Tichit Mosque topped by crenulations and inlaid triangular window spaces. It is perhaps the most famous mosque in the country.

mau tichit mosque

The ancient city is interesting with building with colored quarry stones. It lies deep in the midst of the Sahara Desert. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

mau oualata

Another acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site is the enchanting and impressive Oualata. Here visitors can wander among age-old sandstone frontispieces with elegant Berber and Moorish patterns.

Get a look at the crumbling Old Town and the towers of the great Oualata Mosque.

mau noadhibou

Nouadhibou just out into the Atlantic Ocean and is a main part of the Mauritanian fishing industry. Here you can see seemingly endless docks and lots of sails and bobbing skiffs.

mau noadhibou cansado

Other industries in the city include processing iron ore. Get a look at Nouadhibou Bay and enjoy the sunset in seaside Cansado.

mau diawling

Another great spot for bird watching is the Diawling National Park. Here you can see many pelicans and northern pintails, Sudanese golden sparrows and pinkish flamingos.

mau diawling 3

The park is also known for its acacia woods and packs of golden wolves. There are riparian habitats where you can meet up with crocodiles, ducks and hippos.

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The Wonders of Mali


It is a wonderful thing that we can explore interesting places while sitting comfortably in our armchairs and enjoy the sites on our PCs. It is unfortunate that I just read about a terrorist attack on a resort in Mali. However I thought I would introduce this country to you and then you can put it on your travel lists so once things settle down and hopefully a time comes when you can travel freely you’ll already know where you want to go and what you want to see.

Mali in Western Africa is officially known as the Republic of Mali. This is a landlocked country and the eighth-largest country in Africa.

Bamako Capital of Mali

mali bamako

Bamako is a vibrant and active city. It is the largest in Mali. Here you can listen to West African samba and sample grilled plantains.

mali musee national

Visit the small but interesting Musee National. Here you can see on display lovely ethnographic pieces from many of Mali’s ethnic groups. There are wooden masks, carvings, contemporary marionettes and ancient textiles. Visitors also delight in models of famous mud mosques. There are English speaking  guides available. At the gift shop you can purchase books, postcards, refrigerator magnets and handicrafts. Relax at the cafe and drink some refreshing ginger juice.

mali market

Take a look at the charming and colorful market Marche de Medina. This is a great place to buy second-hand clothes. Here you can get your hair braided and your hands and feet decorated with henna.

mali zoo

The National Zoo of Mali is a lovely park. It is home to many animals like lions, elephants, monkeys, turtles, ostrich, pelicans and a variety of fish species.

mali zoo lion

The interesting habitats include trees and hammocks for chimpanzees, a small forest and artificial river for lions and natural habitats designed for deer, buffalo and ostrich.

mali mosque

Visitors are impressed by the big and beautiful Grand Mosque of Bamako. The mosque is open for mid-day prayers. To enter you must be properly dressed and women covered from head to toe.

mali ParcNationalduMali1

Nearby the zoo and the National Museum is the expansive Parc National du Mali. The park is a bit outside of the city center and is a great place to get away from it all and relax. Here you can go strolling, take outdoor exercise and have picnics. There is a lovely stream flowing through the park. There are many cafes, food shacks and a restaurant on the premises. The huge trees offer welcoming shade from sun.

Exploring Mali

mali timbuktu

Timbuktu was the place where Berber traders and Bedouin caravan men came to when their journey across the great Sahara ended.

mali timbuktu mosque

Here you can see sand covered streets, the muddy walls of the Sankore Mosque and so much more.

mali gao mosque

Gao was once the heart of the great Songhai Empire. Later the town was abandoned and the capital moved to Timuktu. Then life continued and today you can see mud-brick built yurts.

mali Gao_Askia_s_Tomb

Here visitors can visit craft markets, see the acclaimed Sahel Museum and 15th century sepulchers such as the Askia Tomb.

mali Grand-Mosque-Djenne-Mali

A most impressive and historic city is Djenne. The city is known for its distinctive mud-brick architecture and it has a long history as a place on the old caravan routes across the Sahel and Sahara. The city boomed in the 15th and 16th centuries due to minerals and precious metals.

mali mopti

Mopti is one of Mali’s most important riparian ports. It has a strategic location where the Bani River meets the might Niger. It is also the gateway to the amazing tribal territories of Dogon, dotted with adobe villages and the semi-nomadic people

mali mopti bandiagara escarpment

of the Badiagara Escarpment. Here visitors can find many different trips offered such as treks into the wild hinterland for cultural knowledge, boat trip to Timbuktu and sightseeing trips around marketplaces and grand central mosques.

mali mount hombori

The great escarpment of rock known as Mount Hombori rises like a wall of ochre-hued stone in the Sahelian wilds of south-central Mali. It shadows the town with the same name. Here you’ll find winding alleyways and the low-rise rock homes of the Dogon people. Here visitors come to view the rock itself, take excursions into the sands and check you some of the newly unearthed caves.

mali sikasso

The mercantile town of Sikasso is most welcoming. It borders close to the multi-state join of Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast and Guinea. It helps to connect Africa’s landlocked countries with the ports along the Atlantic seaboard. Here you’ll find fruit and vegetable markets. Here you’ll find Mamelon Hill.

215 Laundry day along the Senegal river, Kayes, Mali

Arriving at the Senegal River visitors will find Kayes a bustling market town. It was built by the French in the 1880s and was the first place to facilitate movement of produce to and from neighboring West African countries.

mali kayes gouina falls 2

Many interesting Parisian-style buildings. Away from the town you can enjoy Felou Falls, the roaring cataracts of the Gouina Falls and the relics of Medina Fort.

mali boucle

The Boucle du Baoule National Park stretches for almost over one million hectares in the middle of the Sudano-Guinean zone of West Africa. This park is the jewel of the Malian hinterland. It is close to the town of Kayes.

mali boucle 2

Here you can find rising ridges of Sahelian rocks and the remains of many pre-historic troglodyte settlements. You can expect to see giraffes and rare simians, gazelles and at times lions.

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Enjoying Guinea-Bissau


Guinea-Bissau is a tropical country on the Atlantic coast in West Africa. It’s known for national parks and wildlife.

guinea archipelago

The forested, sparsely populated Bijagos archipelago is a protected biosphere reserve.

Bissau Capital of Guinea-Bissau

guinea bissau port 2 

Bissau is located neat the point where the Geba River joins with the Atlantic Ocean. This is a quiet capital but has a sort of charm that is worth taking a look at.

guinea Presidential_palace_guinea_bissau_old12

A civil war ravaged Guinea-Bissau from June 1995 until May 1999 and the capital city still has a lot of recovering to do. The Presidential Palace was once an elegant Neo-classical building and today it is but a shell of its former self but visitors can walk through the grounds. It is best not to view the interior as it is now home to bats.

guinea bissau velho

Once this country was a Portuguese colony and the colonial influence can be seen in Bissau Velho, the old center of the city. As you walk through the dusty streets you can get an interesting look into Bissau’s history and heritage.

guinea Fortalezad---Amura1

Just past this quarter you’ll come to the Fortaleza d’Amura. Today this fortress stands guard over the colorful neighborhood that is dotted with Mediterranean-style buildings. Even though the Guinean military still uses the fort occasionally guards will let visitors take a quick peek inside the stone walls.

guinea bissau port

The most lively and vibrant part of Bissau is Porto Pidjiguiti. Here you can see fisherman bringing in the daily catch and watch pelicans soar over the sandy coast.

guinea bissau port monument

In 1959 striking dockworkers were killed by police which started the resistance movement again the Portuguese. You can see a monument that has been designed like a huge black fist to commemorate the massacre.

guinea Mercado-de-Bandim

The main market, the Mercado de Bandim is well worth taking a look at. There are thatched-roof huts that offer a variety of goods. You can get a feel of the local culture and purchase souvenirs.

Visit the National Ethnographic Museum where you can see on display a small collection of wooden masks, baskets and statues.

guinea bissau restaurant

The capital city also has many great restaurants which offer anything from traditional meals to Belgian waffles and even pizza. Many of them have courtyards or terraces. For a taste of culture visit the French or Portuguese cultural centers which offer free concerts, movies and lectures in the evenings.

Getting to Know Guinea-Bissau

guinea Orango-Island-1024x683

Orango Island will have you delighting at the hippos that drift in and out of the lagoons of Orango Grande. There is a distinct national park which visitors enjoy were you can see rare salt-water creatures in their natural habitat. There are local guides who can take you on wetland safaris on the waterways and mangroves. There are also sparkling white beaches, a single, community-run hotel and some local tribes with long-held traditions.

guinea curabal

Dulombi-Boe National Park is the largest of Guinea-Bissau’s national parks. It offers winding river channels and pockets of riparian woodland. There are large stretches of grassy savannah. The Corubal flows from the inland hills heading toward the Atlantic Ocean. There is a lot of wildlife with chimpanzees being one of the rarest. You can also expect to spot African cats and many grazing herds in the fields.

guinea island turtles 2

Joao Vieira Island is where endangered Atlantic sea turtles come to lay their eggs on sandbanks. This whole area is now encompassed by a national marine reserve. Visitors can hop aboard a carved piragua (traditional Guinea-Bissau canoe) and take a ride through the inlets and wetlands. The sandy stretches and palm lined dunes are home to rare marine creatures.

guinea bafata 2

Bafata is the birthplace of the celebrated independence revolutionary Abel Djassi. This little riverside town has its own kind of charm. There are green areas, palm trees and is located at the spot where the Geba joins the Colufe. It is surrounded by jungles that are home to crocs, interesting West African mammals, rare monkeys and many more.

 guinea lagoas

Lagoas Cufada Natural Park is a playground for hippos and huge waterbucks. Joining in on the fun are galloping herds of African buffalo, laughing hyenas and stalking leopards. This is the most bio-diverse region in all of Guinea-Bissau.

guinea lagoas 2

The park is sandwiched between the Rio Grande de Buba to the south and the wide Corubal to the north. The reserve gets its name from the many lagoons and wetland habitats.

There are palm oil groves and perhaps you can spot some chimps swinging from the branches of trees.

guinea chacheu

Cacheu is considered to be one of the earliest European settlements in West Africa. It is located on the edge of a great waterway that leads up into the continental highlands and the turns of the Canjambari River.

guinea chacheu fortress

From the 1600s it was a slaving center and today you can see many relics that show this dark history. There is even an old fort that was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. You can see a local craft market and explore mangrove swamps.

guinea varela

Varela explore this beautiful area which is also a national park. There is lovely coastline. You’ll see muddy mangrove rivers, populations of sea turtles and dusty dunes with sea grasses.

guinea varela croc

In the savannah grasses and dense forests live Nile crocodiles and hippos.

guinea varela tribal

There are Dijola tribal villages to see and much more.

guinea rubane

Rubane Island can be reached by ferry. It greets visitors with backcountry forests and ivory-white sands. There are tall palm trees along the shore with some cliffs.

guinea rubane ponta 2

The only place to stay here is the Ponta Anchaca resort. There are small fishing hamlets and deserted coves.

guinea Saltinho-Waterfalls-Guinea-Bissau

Of particular interest here is the Saltinho Waterfall gushing over stepping stones and escarpments.

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Taking a Look at Ghana


In our armchair travels we’ve arrived in the West African nation of Ghana. This is a most interesting country with diverse wildlife and secluded beaches. So sit back get comfortable and we’ll begin our tour.

Fascinating Capital of Ghana

ghana accra

The capital of Ghana is Accra. It is located on the Atlantic coast.

 ghana Nkrumahs-mausoleum-is-surrounded-by-fountains-and-statues

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park honors the first president of Ghana, who helped lead the country to independence. In the park you’ll find Nkrumah’s mausoleum and a museum which tells about his life.

ghana nkrumah peacock

This is a tranquil park with many bronze statues, fountain and to the delight of visitors – strolling peacocks.

ghana jamestown

Jamestown began as a community around the 17th century British James Fort later merging with the growing city of Accra. Today it is a rather poor neighborhood but worth a look at for its colonial buildings, clapboard houses and corrugated iron shacks.

ghana jamestown lighthouse

To get the best views of the city climb the Jamestown Lighthouse. It offers views of the city and the colorful fishing harbor.

ghana ano

The ANO Center for Cultural Research is an art institution that takes its name from the word “grandmother” in Akan. It was founded by Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, Ghanaian art historian, writer and filmmaker. There is a permanent space for exhibitions and screenings as well as a workshop and a library.

ghana makola

Enjoy the excitement of Makola Market. A most vibrant place with vendors selling everything from food to secondhand clothes to shoes and so much more.

ghana independence square

Independence Square or Black Star Square is a large square that is dominated by an enormous arch similar to McDonald’s. Beneath the arch is the Eternal Flame of African Liberation. The square only fills up for special commemorations.

ghana independence arch

Across the street from the square is the Independence Arch. This arch is crowned by a large black star which is Ghana’s national symbol. Photo taking is forbidden.

ghana goethe

Goethe-Institut is the cultural arm of the German government in Ghana. It’s also a popular events venue in Accra. On the first Saturday of every month they have a great market here where you can purchase food, paintings and handicrafts. A small beer garden kind of restaurant offers German beer, bratwurst and sauerkraut. You can check a program to see what concerts or movies are available.

ghana bojo 2

Bojo Beach  is a clean and lovely beach just a short way from Accra city. Once there visitors pay an entrance fee and then get rowed across a strip of water to a wonderful beach. You can sunbathe and enjoy refreshments.

ghana labadi

If you want more action than just a quiet beach head for Labadi Beach. This is Accra’s most popular beach where you can play ball, run in the surf, go horse riding and dance to loud music in the bars and restaurants along the shore.

ghana national_museum_of_ghana

The National Museum of Ghana is located on lovely grounds. It has excellent display on Ghanaian culture and history. Among the displays are local crafts, ceremonial objects and the slave trade.

ghana flagstaff

Visit Flagstaff House which was completed in 2008. It was designed to resemble an Asante Golden Stool. Today it is the office and residence of the President of Ghana.

ghana British-Council-620x330

The British Consul organizes cultural events and lectures. They also have a library with English newspapers and magazines.

ghana holy trinity

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is an impressive red-brick Anglican church that was completed by the British in 1894.

ghana artists alliance gallery

The Artists Alliance Gallery is an amazing contemporary and fine arts gallery. It was created by Ghanaian artist Ablade Glover. The three story gallery has displays of Kente clothe, furniture, Asafo flags, masks and unique metal sculptures. Almost every prominent Ghanian artist is represented and many of the pieces are for sale.

Other Places to Visit In Ghana

ghana cape_coast2 castle

Cape Coast, a former European colonial capital is one of the most culturally significant spots in all of Africa. Originally the Portuguese call this town Cabo Corso and it used to be the largest slave trading center in West Africa. Slaves were brought here and locked up in the intimidating castle then put on vessels that took them to the New World. Today it is a fishing town where you can see old colonial buildings while strolling about.

ghana kakhum canopy

Kakum National Park is a  great place for a day trip from Cape Coast. In the park you’ll find 40 mammal species, 300 bird species and more than 600 butterfly species. The most popular part of this park is the canopy walk.

ghana kakhum monkeys

These are a string of viewing platforms linked together by safe and bouncy suspension some 30 meters above the park floor. You can get a park ranger or guide to take you about.

ghana basua

Around 30 km from the city of Sekondi-Takoradi you’ll find the village of Busua. This village offers the potential for great excursions so it is an ideal base camp. The beach here offers calm waters just great for swimming. This is a tourist place so there are great hotels, restaurants, shopping places and you can rent surfboards and bikes.

ghana mole elephants

If you are interested in a family safari then the place for you is Mole National Park. This park covers a large savannah with African elephants, buffalos, baboons, warthogs and kob antelopes.

ghana mole leopard

Making their home here are around 100 mammal species and around 300 bird species. The park offers walking and driving safaris and if you prefer you can rent your own park vehicle. The best time to spot elephants is between December and April.

ghana tamale

Tamale is the country’s northern capital and mostly inhabited by the Mole-Dagomba group. You can see some impressive mosques here and the cultural center has craft shops, dance and music performances. Tamale is considered to be the “kitchen” of Ghana and visitors can delight in local and exotic foods. The land is hot and arid since it is close to the Sahara Desert. Take the time to see the two traditional palaces Dapkema and Gulkpe Naa.

ghana Lake_Bosumtwi,_Ghana

Lake Bosumtwe is located 32 km from Kumasi. This is a crater lake that is almost 90 meters deep and was created when a large meteorite collided with Earth. The lake is surrounded by awesome trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. The lake is a sacred site for the Ashanti people. Folklore has it that the spirits of people come to this lake after death to say goodbye to the god Twi.  This is a great place to relax and enjoy water sports.

ghana lake volta 2

The largest man-made lake on Earth is Lake Volta in Ghana. While exploring this area you can stay in the neighboring towns of Ho or Ewe. Visitors can enjoy botanical gardens, take music cruises on the lake, go canoeing, see monkey sanctuaries, go fishing. see waterfalls and a Kente weaving village. You can also hike up to the top of Mount Afadjato which is Ghana’s tallest peak.

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Traveling In Gambia


Gambia is a small West Africa country which is bordered by Senegal and a narrow Atlantic coastline.


This country is known for its diverse ecosystems found around the central Gambia River.

gambia abuko

 Abuko Nature Reserve is a nature reserve that is easy to reach from any of the major resorts and attractions. It is best to explore this nature reserve on foot to get to see over 300 species of birds, reptiles, forest antelopes, monkeys and crocodiles. You can find out about the colonial history of Gambia in the twin villages of Jufereh and Albreda.

gambia abuko 2

The reserve was created in the early 20th century to protect a water collection point. This is Gambia’s first reserve. Conservation efforts are going on here which involve three primate species as well as antelope, porcupine, African palm civets, crocodiles, galagos and about 300 bird species.

One very interesting fact about Abuko is that the nature reserve is the closest tropical forest to Europe.

Tree in Kiang West/The Gambia

Kiang West National Park is a great place to explore varied terrain that consists of grasslands, dry woodlands, mud flats and mangrove creeks. This is the largest national park of its kind in Gambia and is a great place for bird watching.

gambia kiang west warthog

You can see a lot of wildlife here like baboons, warthogs, bush babies, marsh mongooses and colobus monkeys. At times you can also spot crocodiles, dolphins and hyenas.

gambia kotu

Kotu is a wonderful holiday destination. The beach is considered to be the best in the main resort strip in Gambia. It is a lovely white sand beach and the area is a great place to get to see wildlife and do some bird watching in the wetlands of Kotu Creek. If you like to you can take fishing and snorkeling expeditions.

gambia makasutu-forest-23

Makasutu Culture Forest is a well-known eco-attraction where visitors can discover woodland fauna and learn the basics of medicinal plants on a cultural tour through the forest.

gambia makasutu-culture-forest

Boat trips are organized with dugout canoes. You can stay overnight in camps or lodges.

gambia wassau stone circles

Wassu Stone Circles are mysterious stone circles found in Wassau in eastern Gambia. This is thought to be an ancient burial site of ancient kindgs and chiefs. It is a man-made wonder and more than 1,200 years old. The stones stand one to two and a half meters tall.

gambia wassau stone circles 2

These mysterious stone circles are located in Wassu in eastern Gambia and are believed to be ancient burial sites. The Wassu Stone Circles are a man-made wonder that is estimated to be over 1,200 years old. Megalithic in origin, they stand one to two and a half meters tall.

gambia wassau stone circles money

Even though the biggest concentration of stone circles is here there are hundreds of circles throughout the country. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 and local legend has it that if anyone disturbs these stones they’ll be cursed.
gambia sangyang 2

Visit the quiet beach village with around 7,000 people made up of Wolof, Mandinka, Fula and Jola tribes. Sangyang Beach is made up of Paradise, Osprey, and Pelican beaches. It is considered to be the best beachfront in Gambia. The long stretch of remote shore is surrounded by mangroves and lagoons. The main economy here is fishing and the village has a great fish market. There are also many shaded footpaths along which you can to some nature trekking.

gambia janjan

Janjanbureh Island is located in eastern Gambia and is located right in the heart of the Gambia River. Visitors can do some bird watching and take strolls along the walking paths.

gambia janjan main street

The small town Janjangbureh is also known as Georgetown. It is located on Janjanburch or MacCarthy Island in the Gambia River. A walk through the town takes visitors to the old Commissioner’s Quarter. The 200-year-old house was once in habited by freed slaves. Visitors enjoy doing some bird watching.

gambia banjul-skyline

Banjul is the capital of Gambia and home to the National Museum of Gambia. It is a port city located on Saint Mary’s Island.

Arch 22, Banjul

The city has impressive colonial architecture, especially near July 22nd Square Arch. Visitors enjoy climbing the arch to get a great view of the city.

gambia banjul roundabout

It has a busy harbor and visitors enjoy seeing the street hawkers from Senegal and Guinea.

gambia albert market

When in Banjul visit the bustling Albert Market which was created in the mid 19th century and named after Prince Albert. It is an exciting place where you can find most everything like shoes, wooden masks, electronics as well as all kinds of foods. There are also street vendors and drink stalls.

In the city head for Ma Cumba Jallow Street just west of the ferry terminal and you’ll see various colonial buildings and traditional Krio-style clapboard houses.

gambia banjul banjul

The Old Town reminds one of Freetown in Sierra Leone because many Freetown families settled here in the early 19th century. This is a great section to walk through to get a feel of history.

gambia banjul national

You’ll find The National Museum of Gambia in the historic building of the once white only Bathurst Club. There is a wide range of exhibits and displays among them exhibits of traditional Gambian life, the colonial history of Bathurst, information on the Senegambia stone circle sites, music and dance.

Be sure to see the giant Kankurang mask hanging in the main hall. This powerful ritual mask is used during rites of passage and coming of age.

gambia crocs

Visit the amazing nine acre Kachikally Crocodile Pool located right in the heart of Bakau Old Town. Locals believe the water here has healing powers.

gambia crocs 3

There are about 80 crocodiles that call the pool home. On this site you’ll also find an ethnography museum, souvenir shop, cafe and nature trail.

gambia bijilo 2

Bijilo Forest Park or Monkey Park is located just 11 km from Banjul. It is a lovely reserve that is visited by many. The trails are well maintained and there is lush flora, a gallery forest, grasses and low bushes.

The three primate species here are the red colobus, vervet and patas. Tourists are warned not to feed the monkey but they can get to be a handful.

gambia bijilo_forest_park

Bird lovers will enjoy over 100 species among them osprey, bee-eaters and francolin.

gambia brufut 2

The Brufut Resort and village is located between the Kombo South District and the Atlantic Ocean. The beach has golden sand and lots of privacy. To get to the beach you have to climb down cliffs which have paths.

Here you can see fishermen spearing fish and repairing nets. You can sunbathe, enjoy water sports, do some cycling and walk along the beach.

gambia Serrekunda-thegambia-696x484

Serrekunda and the Atlantic Coast is Gambia’s biggest urban center with a bustling marketplace near the Atlantic coast. There are great resorts here for touris like Kololi, Kotu, Strand, Fajara and Bakau. Serrekunda has good restaurants and nightclubs.

gambia serrekunda batik

The largest town is Serrekunda. Here you’ll find the Batik Factory, where tie-dyed and batik fabrics are made.

The Gambian coast has many fishing villages. The busiest and most popular being Tanji. The biggest activity is on the beach where you can do some people watching and go swimming. See the bustling fish market.

gambia Tanji-Museum3

The Tanji Village Museum lets visitors have a look at Gambian traditions and lifestyle.

gambia tanji birds

Enjoy the birds at the Tanji River Bird Reserve with savannah habitats and marine wetland along the river.

gambia green monkey

You’ll find more than 300 bird species including 34 raptors. There are also bushbacks, hyenas, green monkeys and the red colobus.

gambia bijol island

Check out the Bijol Islands which have more than 20,000 birds and seals and whales.

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Exploring Cape Verde


Our armchair travels have taken us to Cape Verde or Cabo Verde which is a country on a volcanic archipelago off the northwest cost of Africa. The country is known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, traditional morna music (music and dance genre typical of Cape Verde) and lots of beaches. Cape Verde is more westernized than the rest of the African continent.

cape Pico_do_Fogo_volcano_in_Cape_Verde

Fogo which means fire is the most prominent of all of the Cape Verde islands. The main attraction here is the volcano Pico de Fogo and it can be climbed in about six hours. The largest city on this island is Sao Filipe and the fourth largest city in Cape Verde. It is also home to the island’s airport. The beaches here are fantastic.

cape salcape Pedra-de-Luma-Cape-Verde-Islands

Sal is the sunniest island in Cape Verde. This island is home to an international airport. It has miles and miles of beaches. The island is just off the coast of West Africa. In the east is Pedra de Lume, the site of a former salt mine in the crater of an extinct volcano. It has therapeutic salt water.

cape espargos 2

To the north of the capital Espargos you’ll find the

cape terra boa

Terra Boa mirage that appears like a lake in the desert landscape. The island also offers white-sand beaches which include the long, half-moon shore at Santa Maria, a busy town on the southern coast.

cape Porto-da-Palmeira

Also on Sal island is Palmeira, a busy harbor town. For visitors there are restaurants, lively bars and impressive architecture. This town is a favorite with divers who come to experience underwater caves and reefs. After hiking you can relax in salt baths.

cape santa maria

Another town on Sal is Santa Maria, a lively and developed city. Here the hotels are of the highest standard.

cape santa maria 2

This is a great place to come for a classic beach resort holiday with clear blue water, sunny beaches and jet-skiing and scuba diving. If you love history then one highlight here is the Weigh house in the old harbor that in the past was used to weigh salt before export.

cape praia

Praia is located on the fertile island of Santiago and is the capital of Cape Verde. It is the economic and political center.

cape praia presidential

You can see impressive old colonial buildings in the Old Town. There are churches, a presidential palace and parliament building. Lovely sandy beaches.

cape sal rei

Sal Rei is the capital city of Cape Verde’s easternmost island. Its main plaza has a distinct African feel where trades sell good and colorful flowers.

cape sal rei church

One of the main attractions is the Baroque-style church and there are impressive colonial buildings and fantastic beaches.

cape sao vincente

Mindelo is a city with a mix of many cultures. It is located on the island of Sao Vicente. Here visitors can experience a lively nightlife with music clubs and bars. During the day the harbor and the fish market are worth taking a look at.

cape santo antao

Nestled in the valley of the same name Ribeira Grande is an amazing city on the island of Santo Antao.

cape santo antanoa Nossa_Senhora_do_Rosário

There are charming winding street and small restaurants and guest houses. Tourists enjoy the lively food market and a clothes market. Take a look at the Nossa Senhora do Rosario church and relax at the popular hot springs.

cape porto novo

Also on Santo Antao is Porto Novo where hot, dusty winds blow. The city offers a great museum which gives information on the city’s past kings. Take a look at the royal palaces and admire the colonial buildings.

cape Ribeira_Brava.Town_Square.Sao_Nicolau._Large_-1

Ribeira Brava is the capital of Sao Nicolau island. It is a marvelous small city surrounded by mountains. Traders sell their wares from wooden crates in the narrow streets. There are wonderful colorful buildings in the town center and a modern market hall that sells everything from food to clothing and other amenities.

cape tarrafal

A short distance from this city is Tarrafal which has popular places for beach swimming and black sands that supposedly relieve pain due to minerals like iodine. There are many beaches to choose from and here you’ll find the largest harbor on Sao Nicolau. There are also many restaurants and shops.

cape maio villa goat

The island of Maio is known for secluded beaches where you’ll find golden sand and calm sea. It is a great place for bird watching with such birds as rare larks.

cape maio villa

The capital is Vila do Maio, home to a lovely colonial Portuguese church.

cape morro

On the same island the small town of Morro offers beaches surrounded by palm trees with golden sand.

cape morro turtles

Sea turtles come here to lay their eggs in the summer.

cape novo sintra mountains

Novo Sintra is another lovely town perched on the Brava Mountains. There are two story houses with gardens.

cape novo sintra columbus

Here you can see a stone replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship, guarding the eastern entrance to the town.


All this and a lot more awaits you in Cape Verde.

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