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Terrific Tanzania


Tanzania is a country in East Africa known for its vast wilderness areas. There are many national parks for visitors to get up close to nature and wildlife.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is home to Africa’s highest mountain peak. It is located in northern Tanzania and visitors mostly come here for the challenge of climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

tan mount kilimanjaro elephant

It is a World Heritage Site. The mountain rises from farmland to rainforest and alpine meadow then up to barren lunar landscape at the peaks.

tan mount kilimanjaro zirrafe

The rainforest slopes are home to buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, elephants and eland. The alpine zone is home to birds with many birds of prey.

tan serengeti-national-park

Serengeti National Park is mostly a vast treeless plain where millions of animals search looking for fresh grassland. “Serengeti” means an “extended place” in the Maasai language.This is the largest national park in Tanzania and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The annual migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest happens in May or early June.

tan serengeti lions

There are large herds of antelope as well as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackal. There are nearly 500 species of birds.

tan zanzibar

The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of two islands – Zanzibar and Pemba.

tan zanzibar 2

Zanzibar is also known as Unguja and is a major holiday destination due to its lovely beaches. This island has some of the best beaches in the world with varying surf. Visitors delight in soft white sand and clear shallow water.

tan stone town

Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar. There are grand old Arabian homes that line the narrow streets and winding alleyways. Many of the houses in the town were built in the 19th century when Zanzibar was one of the most important Swahili trading towns in the Indian Ocean.

Stone Town is the world’s oldest functioning Swahili city and lots of the landmarks have been restored to their former glory. Some of the historic buildings have been made into museums.

Take a walk along Creek Road and it will take you to the original Stone Town.

tan stone darjani

Central Darajani Market, Beit el-Amani, City Hall,

tan stone town anglican church

the Anglican Church. Other key highlights include

tan stone town forodhani gardens

the Forodhani Gardens,

tan stone town old dispensery

the Old Dispensary with carved wooden balconies,

tan stone town beit el-shahal palace-museum-beit-al

the former home of the sultans known as Beit el-Sahel or the People’s Palace,

tan stone town bath_house_zanzibar

the Hamamni Persian Baths built in 1888 and

La ville de pierre de Zanzibar (République-Unie de Tanzanie)

the oldest structure, the Old Fort.

Sea Kayaking. Pemba Island. Zanzibar Tanzania

Pemba Island is less visited. Visitors can watch traditional bullfighting from December to February. This is a hilly island with deep valleys and has become popular with mountain bikers who are drawn to the 1,000 meter peaks.

tan pemba clove tree flowers

Clove tree flowers

Pemba is a major world clove producer and well-known for its juju traditions of medicine and magic. People come from all over East Africa to learn from the voodoo and traditional healers and to seek cures.

Large numbers of blue wildebeest (gnu), Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is located between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara. It is home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater and is one of Tanzania’s most popular wildlife viewing areas. The huge volcanic crater has a permanent supply of water. Visitors enjoy viewing the large game and birds. Of interest in the conservation area is the Olduvai Gorge.

 tan ngo crater 2

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact ancient caldera in the world and is nearly three million years old. The Ngorongoro volcano was one of the world’s tallest mountains before it exploded and collapsed. On the crater floor you can see lions, elephants, rhinos, Thomson’s gazelles and buffaloes. There are a great many wildebeests and zebras.

tan ngo crater hippo

Hippos enjoy submerging themselves during the day and grazing in the grasses in the evening.


The Olduvai Gorge is an archeological site that is situated on a series of fault lines. Centuries of erosion have revealed fossils and remnants of early mankind.

tan lake manyara 2

Lake Manyara National Park consists of forest, woodland, grassland and swamps. Two-thirds of the park is covered by water. At Lake Manyara you can see thousands of flamingoes and other diverse bird life.

tan lake manyara

The highlight of the parks is observing the large elephant population, tree-climbing lions and hippos.

tan lake manyara 4

It also has the largest concentration of baboons in the world.

Popular activities here are wildlife drives, canoeing, mountain bike tours and bird watching.

tan mafia

Mafia Island attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the world. The undersea world here is protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park. There are excellent coral gardens, a great variety of fish and fantastic diving atmosphere. Lots of birds and 400 fish species. The island is also the traditional breeding ground for the green turtle, which is close to extinction.

tan mafia 4 turtle

This is also a desirable location for deep-sea fishing particularly for tuna, marlin, sailfish and other big-game fish.

tan taran 2

Tarangire National Park was established in 1970. It is best to visit during the dry season from July to September when animals can be found along the river. During the dry season you can find a large concentration of migratory wildlife among them wilde beets, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, harte beest and eland. Among the highlights here are the Baobab trees in the grassy landscape.

tan taran 3

This is a great park for bird watching with over 300 species like buzzards, vultures, herons, storks, kites, falcons and eagles.

tan selous 2

Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa. It was established in 1922. The southern area is a forbidden zone which is underdeveloped heavily forested and has a series of steep cliffs.

tan selous Rufiji_River,_Selous_Game_Reserve

Travelers are limited to the area north of the Rufiji River. Here visitors can find grassland, woodland, rivers, hills and plains. The river bisects the game reserve and has the largest catchment area of any river in East Africa. Here you can find elephants, hippos and rhinos as well as buffalo, antelope, giraffe, warthog, wildebeest, lion, leopard and cheetah. Over 350 bird species.

tan arusha

Arusha National Park is smaller than most in Tanzania. It consists of the forest of Mount Meru, Ngurdoto Crater in the southeast section and Momela Lakes, a series of seven crater lakes.

tan arusha colobus monkey

In the forested area you can see black and white Colobus monkeys while the marshy floor of the crater has herds of buffalo, zebra and warthog.

tan arusha mount-meru

Mount Meru is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Africa and the second highest mountain in Tanzania. The summit can be reached by a narrow ridge that offers great views of the volcanic cone lying several thousand feet below in the crater. The ascent takes visitors through parkland, forest, a giant heather zone and moorland.

tan ruaha

Ruaha National Park counts as the least accessible park in Tanzania. Here birdwatchers can see more than 400 species of bird. There is the river, spectacular gorges and majestic trees. It is Tanzania’s second largest park and has large herds of buffalo, elephant and gazelle.

tan ruaha river

The Great Ruaha River is the park’s main feature with wildlife on both banks. The river also provides much of the electricity to Tanzania through a hydroelectric dam at Kidatu.

tan katavi waterfall

Katavi National Park is located in a remote location and offers unspoiled wilderness. Its predominant feature is the enormous flood plain divided by the Katuma River and several seasonal lakes. The lake has a huge groups of hippos, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds.

tan katavi hippo

One of the spectacular happenings is at the end of the dry season when as many as 200 hippos try to squeeze into a pool of water.

During the dry season herds of impala, reedbuck, lions, zebras and giraffes can be seen at the remaining streams and pools. There are an estimated 4,000 elephants and several herds of buffalo.

tan gombe 2

Gombe Stream National Park is the place visitors go to when they want to get away from the beaten path and get a look at chimpanzees. It is the smallest national park in Tanzania and famous for the work of Jane Goodall. The British researcher arrived in 1960 to study the wild chimpanzees.

tan gombe

Visitors are taken on guided walks to observe chimps in the wild. Many different species of primates and mammals live in the park. There are more than 200 species of bird in the tropical forest among them barbets, starlings, sunbirds, crowned eagles, kingfishers and the palm-nut vulture.

Among the popular activities here are hiking and swimming. A forest trail leads to a waterfall in the valley.

tan victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake in Africa. It’s bordered by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This lake is the source of the White Nile. The towns of Bukoba, Musoma and Mwanza have some attractions.

tan victoria 3

There are many islands near Mwanza and Musoma.

tan victoria stork

Popular excursions are bird watching and fishing trips. Boat trips and hikes can be arranged.

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Kenya In the East African Rift Valley


Kenya offers visitors lost of wildlife, national parks and game reserves. There are many miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean with plenty of beaches. Its capital Nairobi is one of the largest metropolises in all of East Africa.

keni massa 3

Maasai Mara is home to the single most famous safari park in the world. To the south it borders Tanzania’s celebrated Serengeti National Park.

keni massa 2

You can see savannah plains with galloping zebra herds, swaying grasslands with stalks of giraffes, meadow with topi and waterholes surrounded by cape buffalo. Visitors love to go on safari and see the fabled Big Five of African mammals.

keni lamu

Lamu Island is surrounded by sandbanks, mangrove swamps and the waters of the

keni lamu 2

Indian Ocean on the eastern edge of Kenya.

keni lamu old town

It is home to one of the most historically rich towns in the country. Lamu Old Town is a historic port with whitewashed facades and tropical timber wood housed.

keni amboseli

Amboseli National Park is a fine national park. It finds itself in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A herd of zebra drinking, Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Here you can find plains and savannahs and riparian wetlands. It has some of the largest elephant herds in the country. You can see cheetahs, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras and more.

keni Hells_Gate_1

Hell’s Gate National Park finds itself between the capital Nairobi and the backcountry town of Nakuru in southern Kenya. It is considered to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s “The Lion King”.

keni hells gate 2

There are high escarpments and deep valleys with such interesting names like Fischer’s Tower and Embarta.

keni hells gate Ruppells_vulture

You can expect to see wildebeests and vultures as well as African buffalo, gazelles and plenty of lions.

keni Tsavo_east_bachuma_gate

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in all of East Africa. It is one of the best safari destinations in the world.

keni tsavo

There are swaying savannah grasses and red-hued rocks rising like escarpments. On the eastern edge of the park  flows the Athi River giving way to the great stones of Yatta which is one of the largest lava channels in the world.

keni tsavo lions

You can see white-tailed mongooses, cape buffalo, ground pangolins and cheetahs.


keni Mombasa-Kenya

Mombasa is an interesting place to visit. It was influenced by Portuguese and Arabic rulers.

keni mombasa 2

There is the European-style Old Town and the lovely Mombasa port.

keni mombasa 4

There are shimmering white sand beaches and palm tree groves.

keni samburu 4

The Samburu National Reserve is surrounded by rising highlands and is shadowed by Mount Kenya.  The terrain has flat-topped acacia trees and there are riparian oases of palms.

keni samburu 3

Among wildlife you’ll see lions, gazelles, Tanzanian cheetahs, waterbucks, crocodiles and olive baboons.

keni lake nakuru

Lake Nakuru has its own national park. The lake rises above the Great Rift Valley between acacia groves and meadows. There are a lot of birds among them many flamingos.

keni lake nakuru baboon

Visitors can get a lookout over the park from Baboon Cliff. You can take hikes along dirt tracks and see Eastern black rhinos, baboons and migrating birds.

keni laikipia 4



The Laikipia District is one of Keny’s prime ecotourism hotspots. The region offers hikes through its natural backcountry. There are sweeping green highlands and hills. You can see zebras, wild dogs and black rhinos.

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Fascinating Nairobi


Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean.

ken nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. It is home to the Nairobi National Park, a large game reserve that is known for breeding endangered black rhinos.

ken Nairobi_National_Park_033

This is also home to giraffes, zebras and lions. The park is located on the southern outskirts of the city. This is Africa’s smallest national park and is set against a backdrop of city skyscrapers. It’s the only national park in the world bordering a capital city.

ken nairobi national

Nairobi National Park has gotten the nickname “Kifaru Ark” due to its success as a rhinoceros sanctuary. It is home to the world’s densest population of black rhinos. There are strong anti-poaching measures taken here. Commonly sighted in the park are lions and hyenas and you can possibly sight some cheetahs and leopards.

ken nairobi national 3

Other animals living here are gazelles, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and buffaloes. In the park’s wetland area are about 400 bird species.

Memorial at the Ivory Burning Site, Nairobi National Park, Nairobi, Kenya

Ivory Burning Monument is just inside of the park’s main gate. It marks the spot where Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi burnt 11 tons of ivory in 1989. This event improved Kenya’s conservation image.

ken david

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit trust established in 1977. It occupies a plot within Nairobi National Park and named after David Sheldrick the anti-poacing warden of Tsavo National Park. He along with his wife pioneered techniques for raising orphaned black rhinos and elephants and reintroducing them back into the wild. This center is one of Nairobi’s most popular attractions.

ken david 3

Visitors are taken to a small viewing area centered on a muddy watering hole. Here you can see handlers bottle-feed baby elephants. Afterwards they romp about and take a mud bath. Meanwhile keepers inform visitors about the individual orphans and tell their stories. There is also an opportunity to “adopt” one of the elephants. There are also a number of orphaned rhinos. One exception is Maxwell, a blind rhino, who lives in a large stockade for his protection.

ken giraffe center 2

Giraffe Center is a center that protects the highly endangered Rothschild’s giraffe.

ken giraffe center 3

Visitors can observe and hand-feed the giraffes from a raised wooden structure. You can also spot warthogs rolling about the mud. There are over 300 giraffes here and the center releases these lovely animals into various national parks. Take an interesting self-guided forest walk through the adjacent Gogo River Bird Sanctuary.

ken national museum

Visit the amazing National Museum that is housed in an impressive building set among lush, leafy grounds just outside the center. It offers a range of cultural and natural-history exhibits. You can see the life-sized fiberglass model of pachyderm celebrity Ahmed. He was the massive elephant that became a symbol of Kenya at the height of the 1980s poaching crisis and who was placed under 24-guard by Jomo Kenyatta.

ken national museum 2

Visitors can see the museum’s permanent collection via the Hall of Kenya with ethnological exhibits. In the Birds of East Africa, a huge gallery there are around 900 stuffed specimens. In the Great Hall of Mammals you can see dozens of stuffed mammals. The Cradle of Humankind exhibition highlight is the Hominid Skull Room with an extraordinary collection of skulls. Upstairs is the Historia Ya Kenya display with an engaging journey through Kenyan and East African history.

ken snake

On the grounds of the National Museum is the zoo-like Snake Park with impressive snake species like the puff adder, black mamba, African rock python and the Gaboon viper, which is the longest in the world. You can also see local fish species, lizards, turtles and crocodiles.

ken bomas 2

Bomas of Kenya the cultural resident artists at this cultural center perform traditional dances and songs from the country’s various tribal groups. The complex consists of “bomas” or villages, each constructed in the architectural style of Kenya’s major ethnic groups.

ken karen blixen Out-of-Africa-exterior-4

This is the place to visit especially if you’ve seen the movie “Out of Africa”. This museum has found its home in the farmhouse of author Karen Blixen who lived here between 1914 and 1931. You can see the expansive gardens and get a look at the beautiful colonial house.

ken go down arts center

The Go-Down Arts Center has found its home in a converted warehouse in the Industrial Area. Here you can find ten separate art studios and it is fast becoming a hub for Nairobi’s blossoming arts scene.

ken go down arts 2

Here visual and performing arts come together in regular exhibitions, shows, workshops and open cultural nights.

ken railway museum

Railway Museum is housed in an old railway building and has relics from the East African Railway. You can see train and ship models, photos, tableware and unusual things from the history of the railway, like the engine seat that let visiting dignitaries such as Theodore Roosevelt take potshots at unsuspecting wildlife from the front of the train.

ken railway

About the grounds are lots of fading locomotives from the steam engine days to independence. Visitors can walk about the carriages. At the back of the compound is the steam train used in the movie “Out of Africa”.

ken african heritage house

African Heritage House was designed by Alan Donovan, an African-heritage expert and gallery owner. This impressive exhibition house overlooks Nairobi National Park and can be visited by prior arrangement. The mud architecture combines a range of traditional styles from across Africa and the interior is furnished with tribal artifacts and artworks. Those who wish can arrange for overnight stays, formal meals and luxurious transfers by steam train or helicopter.

ken conference center

Kenyatta Conference Center towers over City Square on City Hall Way. It is Nairobi’s signature building and has been designed with a mix of modern and traditional African styles.

ken conference center statue-of-jomo-kenyatta

There is a saucer-style tower and glass edifices. Visitors can take a lift up to the viewing platform and helipad on the roof for spectacular views over Nairobi.

ken jamia-masjid-nairobi-kenya-9

Jamia Mosque is an impressive building in typical Arabic Muslim style. It has domes, marble and Quranic inscriptions. There is the traditional row of shops on one side. Visitors can admire the mosque from the outside since non-Muslims are rarely allowed to enter.

ken national archive

Right in the heart of Nairobi you’ll find the National Archives, the “Memory of the Nation”. This is a vast collection of documents and reference materials. Mostly it’s used by students and researchers.

ken national archive 2

The ground floor atrium and gallery displays an eclectic selection of contemporary art, historical photos of Nairobi, cultural artifacts, furniture and tribal objects.

ken memorial 2

American Embassy Memorial Garden is a well-tended walled garden created on the former site of the American Embassy that was destroyed by terrorist bombings in 1998.

ken gallery

Gallery Watatu is one of Nairobi’s longest-established galleries. It has regular exhibitions of paintings, photos and some sculpture. There are items for sale here. There is also a great permanent display.

ken uhuru.jpg

Uhuru Park is an attractive city park where people can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. It is here because of Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan Nobel Prize Winner. In the late 1980s she fought to save the park from bulldozers. When she died in 2011, her funeral was held in the park and attended by thousands.

ken uhuru 3

Today the park is always full of families enjoying the green space and picnicking.


Parliament House offers visitors an opportunity to obtain a free permit for a seat in the public gallery when parliament is in session. When out of session visitors can get a tour of the buildings by arrangement.

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Visiting Uganda


Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. It has diverse landscape from snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains to immense Lake Victoria. The country has many national parks to delight visitors.

Exploring Kampala

ug Kampala-Uganda

Kampala is Uganda’s national and commercial capital bordering Lake Victoria which is Africa’s largest lake. The surrounding hills are covered with red-tile villas and trees. The urban center has contemporary skyscrapers.

ug Mengo-Palace

Mengo Palace is a small palace built in 1922. It is the former home of the King of Buganda. The building’s interior cannot be seen but the notorious underground prison is open to tours.

ug mengo prison

After the coup against Kabaka Mutesa II, then President of Uganda in 1966 the palace was converted into army barracks and an adjacent site became a prison and torture-execution chamber built by Idi Amin in the 1970s.

Tour guides take visitors into a dark concrete tunnel with numerous dark, damp cells that are separated by an electrified passage of water used to prevent escape. You can see some original charcoal messages written by former prisoners on the walls.

ug kasubi

Kasubi Tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is  the burial place of the Buganda Kingdom kings and royal family. This huge thatched-roof palace was built in 1882. Even though the tombs were destroyed in an arson attack in March 2010 they are still being rebuilt.

ug uganda-museum

The Uganda Museum has an excellent well-captioned ethnographic collection with clothing, hunting, agriculture, medicine, religion and recreational displays. Highlights include traditional music instruments some of which visitors can play. Outside you can see the traditional thatched homes of various Uganda tribes and get a look at Idi Amin’s Mercedes.

ug gadaffi-mosque

Among Kampala’s main sites is the impressive National Mosque also widely known aa the Gadaffi Mosque. The mosque was begun by Idi Amin in 1972 and completed in 2007. The tour takes an hour and you can go up in the minaret for the best views of Kampala.

ug parliament

Parliament House is open to the public. Visitors can tour the building and see the government in session when the parliament sits Tuesday to Thursday. Tours are conducted in English. In the main lobby you can see a huge wooden cultural map of Uganda that features the country’s flora and fauna.

ug rubaga

Rubaga Cathedral is a twin-towered Roman Catholic cathedral. It’s a memorial to the Uganda Martyrs, with 22 Catholic victims (later declared saints) enshrined in the stained-glass windows.

Traveling in Uganda

ug kibale 3

Kibale National Park will place you in dense jungles and wetland forests. This park has many wild chimpanzees. Visitors can go on game drives and safari excursions.

ug kibale 2

Other monkeys here include the rare L’Hoest and the Ugandian red colobus. You can admire the ancient fig trees and take a look at the coffee plantations in the area.

ug ssese-islands-in-lake-victoria

Ssese Islands offer sun drenches golden sands and lapping waves. The archipelago of the Ssese Islands is a lovely and relaxing place to be. They dot the waters of Lake Victoria.

ug ssese islands 3

Here you can relax at one of the lakeside resorts or put on your hiking boots and take to the hills where you can see swamps with hippos. The island of Buggala offers kayaks and water sports.

ug bwindi 2

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a land of rocky peaks and the greenery of Africa’s oldest primeval forest. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you’ll find lots of gorillas as well as colobus monkeys and chimpanzees.

You’ll see the breathtaking landscape of the Albertine Rift. There are valleys and summits and teak-shrouded river ways.

ug murchison 4

Murchison Falls National Park was named for roaring cataracts. This is the largest national park in Uganda. The biggest attraction is the point where the Victoria Nile comes flowing through a tight-knit gorge and over an escarpment that is over 40 meters in height.

ug Murchison_Falls_National_Park_035

You can meet up with giraffes, elephants, lions and more.

ug queen-elizabeth-national-park crater

Queen Elizabeth National Park or QENP lies close to the banks of Lake Edward.

ug queen elizabeth

Thousands of tourists come here every year to see the lazy Congo lions and swinging chimps between the Maramagambo Forest and grassy savanna.

ug queen elizabeth 3

The area has many volcanic features of the awesome Katwe Craters. This is the place to take safari drives and game seeking journeys.

ug mount elgon

Mount Elgon National Park has jungle-topped highlands. Cascading down from one of Africa’s oldest volcanoes are waterfalls. There are cave systems and rugged canyons. There are hot springs.

ug mount elgon 5

You can see African goshawks and bush-shrikes fly through the skies. Among the monkeys here are DeBrazza and colobus.

ug mburo 2

Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s smallest national park with swaying savannah grasses and riparian habitats. Here you can see buffalo herds and zebras, prancing reed bucks and hyenas. There are forests and swamp lands.

ug mga

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park far in the southern depths of Uganda you’ll find the highland mountain gorillas. Here are green rain forests and cloud-shrouded volcanoes. Here you can see woodland elephants, golden monkeys, wild hogs and jackals along with the rare mountain gorillas.

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Exploring Ethiopia



Last time in our armchair travels we took a look at the lovely Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Now we will explore the rest of the country and take a look at what amazing things there are to do and see.

The Danakil Depression is located on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. This is officially one of the driest and hottest places on Earth.

ethi depression

Often temperatures here rise to 50+ degrees. This is a most surreal place with active volcanoes, salted basins, hot springs and a lava lake. It sits below sea level and is the lowest point in Africa and second in the world after the Dead Sea. Despite the heat this is one amazing place to take a closer look at so come prepared and enjoy the beauty.

ethi lalibela Rock-Hewn-Churches-of-Lalibela

Lalibela is an amazing medieval settlement that was designed to be a kind of second Jerusalem. Right in the middle of the settlement is a broad church complex made up entirely of rock.

ethi Lalibela-4-of-42

There are a total of eleven churches built by King Lalibela in the early 12th century. These churches are interesting due to their architectural design and are dug into the ground.

ethi lalibela st. george

The most famous and lovely of them is St. George Cathedral. Nearby are several monasteries worth visiting.

 ethi harar

Harar is a holy, historic and walled city with narrow alleyways. It was built in the early 16th century and is the oldest Islamic city in Africa. Once the commercial link between Africa and the Middle East,

ethi harar Church-in-Harar-Ethiopia

Today it’s an amazing city that seems to be lost in time with impressive walls and century old buildings. In the city are about 99 mosques.

ethi harar hyenas

A popular attraction is the nightly ritual of feeding hyenas at the outskirts of the city.

ethi harar rimbaud

In Harar you’ll also see Arthur Rimbaud Center also referred to as Rimbaud’s House. This has become a museum dedicated to French poet Arthur Rimbaud with a series of illustrated wall panels about his life. The museum has found its home in an impressive Indian merchant house that was built on the site of the earlier house in which Rimbaud lived. There is a wonderful photographic exhibition of turen-of-the-20th-century Harar with several photos taken by Rimbaud. In front you can see basket weaving and colorful baskets for sale.

 Sherif Harari City Museum (Ras Tafari House), Harar, Ethiopia

Ras Tafari’s House & Sherif Harar City Museum is a house that was built by an Indian trader. Many of its features like the Ganesh carving above the door are Eastern in origin. Haile Selassie spent his honeymoon here so the house bears his pre-coronation name. Today it’s a well organized museum with a private collection of weaponry, coins, jewelry, household tools, old manuscripts and cultural dress.

 ethi harar st. mary

St. Mary Catholic Church one of two churches in Old Harar. This is a French Catholic Mission dating back to 1889, It has a lovely carved wooden door.

ethi babil

It is unfortunate that only about 1,000 elephants remain in Ethiopia. The largest herd can be found in the Babile Elephant Sanctuary.

ethi babil 3ethi babil 2

It is a short drive from Harar and is home to gazelles, lions, leopards, cheetahs and lots of exotic birds.

ethi babil 5

The landscape is interesting with rocky outcrops and trees. About 400 elephants live were and visitors enjoy walking safaris.

ethi rift-valley

The Rift Valley has a chain of seven lakes. There are also hot springs and plenty of wildlife. Visitors enjoy exploring the entire valley.

ethi rift valley hippos

There are different bird species and a variety of flora and fauna. The valley was formed about 20 million years ago. It runs through Ethiopia from the Red Sea to the Kenyan border.

ethi blue nile falls

The Blue Nile Falls The Nile River is the longest river in Africa. It has two tributaries The White Nile  and The Blue Nile.

ethi blue nile falls 2

The Blue Nile begins in Ethiopia and along its course you’ll come to the Blue Nile Falls. Locally it’s known as Tis Abbay or “great smoke” and the falls are about 43 meters high during the rainy season.

ethi blue nile falls stone bridge

Just downstream you’ll come to Ethiopia’s first stone bridge dating from the 17th century.

ethi gondar 2

Gondar dates from the 18th century. This was where Emperor Fasiladas built his fairy tale castles. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an impressive museum complex, showcasing the last centuries of the country’s emperors. It lies in the bowl of the hills and is the Camelot of Africa.

ethi gondar 3

Visitors enjoy seeing this ancient capital. You can stroll through it from the Italian Piazza in the city center past the tin-roofed stone buildings. There are places for shopping, restaurants and hotels. In nearby Gorgora is an impressive Christian monastery.

Askum is thought to be the home of the Queen of Sheba and the final resting place of the Ark of Covenant. It is one of the oldest cities in Africa.

ethi askum st. mary of zion

The ark is kept within the walls of the St. Mary of Zion Church Complex.

ethi askum north field

 In the Northern Stelea Field

ethi askum oblelisks

you can see the ancient Aksumite Obelisks. Visitors enjoy the mountain top monasteries and go underground to see the Aksumite Empire tombs.

ethi askum mai shum

Mai Shum is a large rock hewn reservoir that local tribes believe was used for bathing by the Queen of Sheba.

ethi simien baboon 2

The Simien Mountain range is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has become known as God’s playground. It has some of the most phenomenal vistas in the country.

ethi simien baboon

Here you can see the Gelada bleeding heart baboons.

ethi simien walia ibex

Inside the Simien National Park is a wide variety of wildlife such as the Walia Ibex, a goat that is found nowhere else on Earth.

ethi bahar dar

Bahar Dar is the third largest city and first stop on the historic circuit in Ethiopia. The town is close to a lake and some monasteries.

ethi bahar dar papyrus boats

Visitors marvel at the tankwa canoe which is a vessel woven out of papyrus and is unsinkable.

ethi croc Chamo_lake

Lake Chamo Crocodile Market no crocodiles or crocodile products for sale.

ethi croc on lake

All of the crocs are alive and well at Lake Chamo. Visitors can take a boat ride on the lake and get up close with these amazing creatures.

ethi croc open mouth

You’ll see entire banks covered with huge Nile crocs, some over six meters long.

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Interesting Addis Ababa


Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a landlocked country that is divided by the Great Rift Valley. It is a place of ancient culture. In our armchair travels we’ve arrived in Ethiopia. We’ll be taking a look at the amazing capital Addis Ababa. Next time we will look at what else this country has to offer so sit back and enjoy.

eth addisAddis Ababa is Ethiopia’s sprawling capital and its commercial and cultural hub.

eth addis-ababa-university(2)

Addis Ababa University is the country’s largest and most prestigious. The academic year runs from October to May.

eth ethiopian studies

Institute of Ethiopian Studies inside the grounds of the university, this institute is home to the world’s best collection of books in English on Ethiopia. Visitors can make use of the institute for half-a-day for free.

Take a look at the impressive Ethnological Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies.

aau campus

It is surrounded by the lovely gardens and fountains of the university’s main campus. This is one of the finest museums in Africa and offers a look into Ethiopia’s cultural and social history.

eth Italian steps

When you face the entrance of the museum you’ll see the intriguing set of 13 stairs which spiral skyward. Each step was placed by the Italians as a symbol of Fascist domination, one for every year Mussolini was in power. A small Lion of Judah (the symbol of Ethiopian monarchy) sits atop of the final step.

In the entrance hall is a small exhibition dedicated to the history of the palace and the doorway to the Institute of Language Studies Library.

On the first floor you’ll find displays of artifacts and handicrafts from the Ethiopian people. These displays are based on the life cycle – childhood, adulthood and death and beyond. Other rooms on this floor show the preserved bedroom, bathroom and exorbitant changing room of Emperor Haile Selassie.

On the second floor displays focus on religious art with an impressive series of diptychs, triptychs, icons, crosses and magic scrolls. The collection of icons is the largest and most representative in the world. You can also see traditional music instruments from across Ethiopia.

Next to the university gates you’ll see a London double-decker bus that was brought here by Haile Selassie and is now a bar usually always full of students.

eth national museum

The National Museum has a collection on display which is ranked among the most important in sub-Saharan Africa. The highlight here is the paleontological exhibition in the basement, home to the world-famous Lucy. She was discovered in 1974 in the Afar region of northwestern Ethiopia and changed the understanding of human origins forever. This section is well-labeled in English.

On the ground floor are displays of the pre-Aksumite, Aksumite, Solomonic and Gonderian periods. In the middle of the room is a collection of lavish royal paraphernalia.

On the first floor is an impressive display of Ethiopian art ranging from early parchment to 20th century canvas oil paintings by leading modern artists. One of the more notable pieces is the huge African Heritage by Afewerk Tekle.

The second floor has a collection of secular arts and crafts. There are English-speaking guides available.

eth red terror museum

The mother of four teenage children who were killed on the same day by the Derg officially opened the “Red Terror” Martyrs Memorial Museum in 2010. In a couple of rooms visitors can see the fall of Emperor Haile Selassie and the horrors of life under Mengistu’s Derb regime. The Red Terror was a campaign of oppression and mass killings in Ethiopia under the control of communist Mengistu Haile Mariam.

eth red-terror-martyrs-memorial

Here on the walls visitors can see photos and read the names of some of the estimated half a million people killed under the Derg. (The Derg is the short name of the Coordinating Committee of Armed Forces, Police and Territorial Army that ruled Ethiopia from 1974 to 1987). There are displays of human belongings dug out of mass graves. Some of the skulls and other bones have photos alongside of the victims and their personal artifacts.  There are English-speaking guides available. .

eth st george

St. George Cathedral & Museum was commissioned by Emperor Menelik II to commemorate his 1896 defeat of the Italians in Adwa. The cathedral is dedicated to St. George, Ethiopia’s patron saint.  This is one of Addis Ababa’s most beautiful churches. The exterior is of grey stone with flashes of color and art. Sections of ceiling glow sky-blue and are gilded with stars. The outer walls are covered in paintings and mosaics by renowned artist Afewerk Tekle.

The church was built in traditional octagonal form in the neo-Classical style and completed in 1911. On the grounds just north of the cathedral is the museum. This museum has the best collection of ecclesiastical paraphernalia in the country outside St. Mary of Zion in Aksum. You can see lovely crowns, crosses, prayer sticks, holy scrolls, ceremonial umbrellas and the coronation outfits of Zewditu and Haile Selassie.

eth menelik II square

Directly opposite the St. George Cathedral is Menelik II Square with the statue built to celebrate the Ethiopian Victory in the Battle of Adwa.

eth menelik equestrian statue

The square plays host to civic celebrations to mark the victory and for the feast day of St. George Ethiopia’s patron saint. All roadside distance markers throughout Ethiopia gauge their distance to this square.

 eth holytrinitychatedralpicture2

Holy Trinity Cathedral is a massive and ornate cathedral and the second-most important place of worship in Ethiopia. This is the final resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife Empress Menen Asfaw.

eth holy-trinity-cathedral

The exterior of the cathedral has a large copper dome, spindly pinnacles and many statues. Inside you’ll find some grand murals of which the most notable is the depiction of the Holy Trinity by Afewerk Tekle. There are also some impressive stained-glass windows. The windows on the north side depict scenes from the Old Testament and on the south side from the New Testament. There are two beautifully carved imperial thrones, each made of white, ebony, ivory and marble.

To the south of the cathedral is the memorial and graves of the ministers that were killed by the Derg for their opposition in 1974. The churchyard has graves of many patriots who died fighting the Italian occupation. To the west of the cathedral is the tomb of the famous British suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst. On the north side is the tomb of Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

eth lion of judah 2

Lion of Judah Monument the Lion of Judah has long been the symbol of Ethiopia’s monarchy. The monument was erected on the eve of Haile Selassie’s coronation in 1930, looted by Italians in 1935 and placed in Rome next to the massive Vittorio Emanuele II Monument.

eth lion of judah

It was eventually returned to Addis Ababa in the 1960s.

eth beta-maryam-3

The Bete Maryam Mausoleum is located south of Menelik’s Palace. Here visitors experience having a priest open up the large metal door in the floor and then they descend into the crypt. There are four elaborate marble tombs of Empress Taitu, Emperor Menelik, Empress Zewditu and Princess Tsehai Haile Selassie.

eth tiglachen

The Tiglachin Monument is a memorial to Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers who were involved in the Ogaden War. It was built under Mengistu Haile Mariam. It is sometimes erroneously referred to as the “Derg Monument” but the monument doesn’t honor the Derg regime.

eth tiglachen 2

The monument consists of various elements – a central statue, a 50 m tall pillar , two wall reliefs on the sides and two squares where the portraits of Cuban soldiers are visible. The monument is located in front of the Black Lion Hospital.

eth bob marley

Bob Marley Square was named after the reggae icon Bob Marley. A bronze statues has been erected to him at a roundabout in the Gerji area.

eth bob marley 2

The statue in Ethiopia was the idea of brothers Zeleke Gessese, a musician and Addisu Gessesse, a music promoter and businessman. It is in commemoration of Bob Marley’s 70th birthday.

eth mount entoto

Entoto Panoramic Viewpoint can be found high atop of Mount Entoto the highest peak that overlooks Addis Ababa and reaches 3,200 meters above sea level. It offers spectacular views of the city.

eth Africa-Hall-Heritage

Africa Hall was built in 1961 by Emperor Haile Selassie. It is the seat of the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). It is an Italian-designed building. Visiting the building you need a passport and best if you are part of a group.

eth african hall window

Of particular interest is the monumental stained-glass window “Africa: Past, Present and Future” by artist Afewerk Tekle. It measures 150 sq m and fills one entire wall. It is one of the largest stained-glass windows in the world. During daytime hours the white marble floor of the foyer is flooded in rainbow colors.

eth yekatit 4


The Yekatit 12 Monument rises dramatically from the roundabout Siddist Kilo.

eth yekatit 3

This monument is dedicated to the thousands of innocent Ethiopians killed by the Italians as retribution for the attempt on Viceroy Graziani’s life on February 19, 1937. Yekatit 12 is a date on the Ethiopian calendar roughly equivalent to 19.

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Eritrea in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is a peninsula in Northeast Africa, jutting out hundreds of kilometers into the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, lying along the southern side of the Gulf of Aden. The countries in the Horn are Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.


Eritrea lies on the Red Sea coast in northeast Africa.

The Capital Asmara

erit Asmara

Asmara is known for its Italian colonial buildings.

Opera House, Theatre. Asmara. Eritrea. Africa.

The Opera House was completed around 1920 and is one of the city’s most elegant early-20th century buildings. During the opening hours of the cafe visitors are welcome to look around.

erit fiat

Fiat Tagliero Building is an interesting building that was once a petrol station constructed in the late 1930s. It resembles an airplane.

Medebar Market. Asmara. Eritrea. Africa.

You can find a lot of interesting things at the Medebar Market. Here you can find old tires that have been recycled into sandals, see corrugated iron flattened and made into metal buckets and many more things.

erit enda mariam

The Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1938. It is an interesting mix of Italian and Eritrean architecture. Its central block is flanked by large square towers.

erit great mosque

You’ll find the Great Mosque at the head of a large open square. It was completed in 1938 and is a mix of classical and Islamic styles.

erit catholic

The elaborate, brick-walled Catholic Church is Asmara’s most iconic monument. It was consecrated in 1923 and is a fine example of Lombard Romanesque-style.

 Traveling in Eritrea

 erit massawa

Massawa offers visitors an interesting town where they can stroll the streets and alleys and see small porticoes, arcades and whitewashed buildings. The town lies right on the coast. There are houses made of coral. Take the time to explore the Ottoman bazaar.

erit massawa ruins


The Imperial Palace overlooks the harbor in Massawa. The current building was built in the 19th century.

erit st mariam

St Mariam Cathedral is an Orthodox church in Massawa. This is an impressive building with a lovely mural on the outside.

erit monument

Across the street from the cathedral is the monument dedicated to the Eritrean Struggle for Independence. The monument consists of three large tanks sitting in the exact spot in which they stopped in the last battle in Massawa in 1990. They sit on a sleek black marble slab.

erit senafe

Senafe is located in the south of Eritrea, on the edge of the highlands. It is mostly inhabited by the Tigrinya and Saho people and

erit senafe metera

the town is well-known for the Metera or Balaw Kalaw ruins.

erit senafe enda

Other popular sites in the town include Enda-Tradqan, a monolithic church and the huge stone outcropping south of town.

erit Dahlak-Marine-National-Park-1024x683

Dahlak Marine National Park is surrounded by water and located in the Dahlak Archipelago. Here you can find turtles, dolphins, manta rays and more than 300 fish species.

erit dahlak turtle

This is a great place for divers. There are underwater volcanoes with amazing pumice stone formations.

erit dahlak birds

Many shipwrecks around the island offer get adventures for divers. Be on the lookout for Dugon dugon – the unusual marine mammals which are believed to be the origin of the mermaid myth.

erit qohaitoerit Emba-Soira

Qohaito is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Eritrea. This is the place to find the ruins of the Safra’s Dam and King Saba’s Palace, dating to the Axumite and pre-Axumite periods. This site was first discovered in the 19th century and excavation began in the 1960s. Nearby is Emba Soira, the country’s highest peak.

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Gabon on the Atlantic Coast


Gabon is a country in Central Africa on the Atlantic Coast. It has a large diversity of wildlife and many wonderful national parks.

gabon libreville-gabon-1

Libreville the Capital of Gabon

 gabon musee of arts and traditions

The National Museum of Arts and Tradition offers exhibits of tribal crafts like

gabon musee of arts adn tradition 2

masks and wood-carving artifacts.

gabon marche-du-mont-bouet

The open-air market Mont-Bouet sells a wide range of goods from household items to local produce and even traditional medicine.


Pointe Denis Beach lies on the shores of a near-by island that fronts Libreville City. Just a short 30 minute boat ride will take you there. Here you can relax on the sandy, sunny shores. Tourists enjoy the many water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, boating and more. From here you can get an unobstructed view of Libreville’s interesting coastal structures and skyline.

gabon palais-presidence-libreville

The majestic Palais Presidentiel was built by President Bongo in the 1970s. It is an impressive architectural structure right in the heart of Libreville. Visitors aren’t permitted inside.

gabon LEglise-St-Michel2

L’Eglise St-Michel an important landmark. It is known for its 31 tall, wooden carved columns.

gabon l-eglise-st-michel-libreville

gabon St michel - colonne

It is said that a blind man carved them. These artistic columns are well maintained.

gabon MinistryofForestandEnvironment1

The Ministry of Forestry and Environment is a colorful building and a unique interpretation of nature and Gabonese culture. It is fast become a tourist attraction.

gabon ministry of mines

Ministry of Mines and Petrol is a remarkable building with a unique shape and coloring. It is one of the most photographed buildings in the city.

gabon boulevard triumphal

Boulevard Triomphal don’t miss the opportunity to walk along this boulevard. Here you can see major landmarks and government buildings. There are also many hotels, restaurants and hypermarkets.

gabon french cultural

Among those to keep an eye out for are The French Cultural Center, the Ministry of Mines and Petrol, the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, the Economic Ministry, The Ministry of Forestry,

gabon the senate

the Senate, the Central Bank and much more.

gabon arbetrom

Arboretum de Sibang is a preserved rainforest park located just 5 km from Libreville. It features guided tours and showcases many of Gabon’s tree species. The country is known for its high percentage of natural resource, among the highest in Africa.

gabon Seaside-Boulevard

Seaside Boulevard the city’s seaside boulevard has a wide grass path along the coast. Here you can find seats to relax upon and see beautiful trees, mini-parks and unique sculptures along the bay. Both locals and tourist come here to relax, take a walk or ride bikes.

Taking a Look at Gabon

 gabon loango

Loango National Park one of Africa’s best safari experiences awaits you here. The park has lush landscape and lots of wildlife. Here you’ll find almost 200 km of uninhabited shoreline.  The park has forests, lagoons, wetlands and savannahs.

gabon loango 3

Visitors can see hippos, gorillas, elephants and along the beach whales, dolphins, buffalo and more.

The park also has a catch and release fishing program for sport fishermen.

gabon pongara

Pongara National Park has a diverse landscape of forest, mangrove flats, beach and savannah. Here are many different bird species among them the threatened Damara terns.

The forest is full of monkeys, duiker, buffalo, elephants and chimpanzees.


Pongara Point beach area is home to endangered leatherback turtles. This is where they come ashore to lay eggs.

gabon fernan gorilla

Fernan Vaz Lagoon is the highlight of the Ogooue Maritime region. It was named for the Portuguese explorer who discovered it in the 15th century.

gabon fernan gorilla 2

On Gorilla Island, the Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project (PGFA) runs a sanctuary and reintroduction center. There are two gorillas here, helping to educate visitors on the plight of these wonderful animals.

Another eight orphaned gorillas also live here who are kept from human contact in order to reintroduce them back into the wild.

gabon saint ann fernan

In Fernan Vaz the Mission Saint Anne was built in the late 19th century and designed by Gustav Eiffel.

gabon ivindo

Ivindo National Park is the remote of all national parks. It is also one of the most important in all of Central Africa due to the work being done for biodiversity conservation.

gabon ivindo 2

The river here is the main feature of this area and it flows through rain forest, creating amazing rapids and waterfalls. There are adventure packages available and you can camp in the rain forest and around the falls, enjoy a pirogue lesson and take a day excursion on the river.

gabon ivindo mandrill

Bird lovers can enjoy over 430 bird species among them African grey parrots. There are gorillas, chimps, colobus, mandrill, mangebey, sitatunga, duikers, giant pangolin, bush pig and more.

Take a look at Langoue Bai a forest clearing with a stretch of land that is rich in mineral water.  The elephants keep the area clean by digging to the rich saline soil which then attracts other large mammals to eat here.

gabon makokou

.Makokou is the capital of the Ogooue-Ivindo region

gabon makokou Kongou-waterfalls-1024x576

and is the gateway to the Kongou Waterfalls. It is located in the Ivindo National Park. It is an interesting place even though the village is rather isolated. Pygmies live in the forest surrounding the village.

gabon franceville

Franceville is located at the end of the Trans-Gabon Railway and is one of the four largest “cities” in Gabon. This is a bustling and lively place.

Visitors like to see St. Hilaire’s Church dating from the 19th century and the memorial to former President Omar.

gabon franceville poubara-waterfall01

Nature lovers will enjoy the Poubara Falls and taking nature walks.

gabon port-gentil-gabon-5

Port-Gentil is the second largest city after Libreville. It’s a seaport town and the hub of the country’s petroleum and timber interests. It is the base camp for colonial expeditions into the country.  The city is located on Mandiji Island. It is famous for its nightlife and casino.

Visitors enjoy the St. Louis Church dating from the 20th century.

gabon lobe

Right on the equatorial is Reserve de la Lope with savannah, rolling hills and rain forest. Here you can see buffalo, elephants, gorillas and mandrills.

gabon lobe 3

Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the reserve is a research station that is run by the Zoological Society of London and visitors can stay here right by the rain forest.

gabon Lastoursville-1024x678

.Locals call the little town Lozo but it is Lastoursville sitting on the banks for the Ogooue River.

gabon lastourvill Lakeman River

Surrounding the town are the Boundji Waterfalls but the biggest attraction are the caves.

gabon lastourvill organge bat eating crocs found in a cave in Gabon

Orange bat eating crocs found in caves

They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and recent expeditions have charted more than three miles of undiscovered underground cave.

gabon minkebe

Minkebe National Park is where the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is working to promote conservation efforts. This is home to gorillas, elephants, leopards and cheetahs.

gabon minkebe 2

According to the WWF this park has the largest elephant population in all of Africa. Here visitors can learn about the Kwel and Kota ethnic groups that live in the park.

gabon mayumba

Mayumba National Park lies close to the border of the Republic of Congo. This is primarily a marine park. Here is a mix of savanna, dunes, beach and rain forest. Around 60 km of this strip is protected leatherback turtle nesting beach.

gabon mayumba 3

Visitors can spot barnacled whales, dolphins, sea turtles, leopards, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos, monkeys and elephants.

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Exploring Equatorial Guinea

eq guinea

Our armchair travels through Central Africa have taken us to Equatorial Guinea which consists of the Rio Muni mainland and five volcanic offshore islands.

eq malabo

Its capital Malabo is a port city located on Bioko Island. Here visitors can admire the Spanish-colonial architecture.

eq SantaIsabelMalabo

Of special interest is the neo-Gothic, twin-towered Santa Isabel Cathedral.

eq casa-verde

The dark green Casa Verde is a 19th century house that was prefabricated in Belgium.

eq cultural center

The Equatoguinean Cultural Center has gallery and performance spaces.

Traveling About Equatorial Guinea

eq mount alen 2

Monte Alen National Park has outstanding natural beauty. There are humid rain forests and the gushing, flowing course of the Uoro River. Visitors can enjoy trekking trails, personal safari packages and experience the wilds of Africa.

eq mount alen 3

Among the wildlife here are rare goliath frogs, gorillas, elephants, crocodiles, chimpanzees and more.

eq moca

The town of Moca lies in the rugged volcanic ridges of the Moca Valley on the southern edges of Bioko. This is home to the people of the Buki tribe. Visitors come here to do hiking to cloud-topped peaks.

eq moca cascades

There also are the craggy, monkey-dotted Cascades of Moca

eq moca lake biao

and two shimmering lakes – Biao and Loreta.

 eq san antonio

San Antonio de Ureca today in and around this village the sand and pebble beaches are a haven for endangered sea turtles who swim in the Atlantic.

eq san antonio caldera

The town has low-rise shakes and mud roads all sitting in the shadow of the mighty San Carlos Caldera. Here you can find gushing waterfalls and many hiking paths.

eq luba

Luba is the departure point for logs that stream down the highland highways from the forest of Caldera de San Carlos in the Bioko highlands.

eq luba arena blanca

There is lovely coastline and the shimmering sands of Arena Blanca. There are swaying coconut palms and salt-sprayed boulders.

eq mbini

Mbini is the gateway to the coastal region of Rio Muni and the winding channels of

eq benito river

the mighty Benito River. This is the longest river in the country. Mbini is an ocean-side town and is a great place to taste the country’s famed seafood. You find resort hotels, sandy beaches and the rising peaks of Monte Alen in the distance.

eq Annobon_Island_Equatorial_Guinea


Annobon is an island sitting among the swells of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a history of Portuguese and Spanish colonialism.

eq annobon san antonio de pale

Visitors enjoy the Creole style beach side capital of San Antonio de Pale.

eq annobon whales

For wildlife lovers here are pods of humpback whales, rare Ojo Blanco birds on the cliffs and baobabs hide lizards in the back country.

eq altos

Altos de Nosork National Park was established in 2000 and has untouched jungle and highland ecosystems. Hikers traversing the paths can see forest elephants,

eq altos mandrill

see the biodiversity of plants, look for mandrills and black colored monkeys in the trees. There are even rare buffalo in the woods.

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Our armchair travels have now taken us to Central Africa and the country of Cameroon on the Gulf of Guinea. The country has varied terrain and wildlife.


cam yaounde

The capital city of Cameroon, Yaounde is spread over seven hills in the southern part of the country.


Musee de la Blackitude pays homage to Cameroon’s tribal heritage especially to the Grassland region.

cam musee-la-blackitude

Here you can see a reconstructed royal chamber, amazing sacred, musical and functional objects. The museum is located behind the stadium seats on Blvd du 20 Mai.

cam mefou-national-park

Mefou National Park is just a 45-minute drive south of Yaounde. It is run by Ape Action Africa which is an organization that was established to protect primates in Cameroon.

cam mefou-national-park 2

There are well-informed guides that show visitors the gorillas, drills, chimps and mandrills, living in lovely natural surroundings. All of them have been rescued from the bush meat trade.

cam notre dame

The impressive Notre Dame Cathedral is a triangular building that was consecrated in 1955

cam notre dame 2

and has an amazing Afrocentric mosaic above the altar.

cam national museum

The Musee National has found its home in a grand white 1930s villa which was a former presidential palace. The museum gives visitors a look into Cameroon’s history. There are many interesting displays among them tribal objects from around the country including garments and drums.

cam independence

Place de L’Independance is a huge square that is

cam independence hotel

fronted by the Yaounde’s Hotel de Ville (town hall). The square has flower beds along the edges and African statues. The highlight of the square is the Afriland First Bank.

cam independence afriland

Afriland First Bank has colorful mosaics that depict tribal figures and Egyptian scenes. A metal gate has a mask motif.

cam bene

At the Benedictine Monastery on Mount Febe, north of the city center you’ll find the Musee d’Art Camerounais. There are three exhibit rooms with an impressive collection of masks, bronze and woodwork and other examples of Cameroonian art. The chapel is also worth a look at.

cam reunification monument 2

The Reunification Monument stands out as one of the most significant representations of Cameroon’s past, present and future.

cam reunification monument

It is the creative art work of Cameroonian artist Gedeon Mpando completed in 1974. The monument is a physical representation of the reunification between French and British Cameroon.

cam reunification monument 3

The monument is further enhanced by the erstwhile staircase, the banquet hall in the basement and the impressive garden.

cam national assembly

Nearby you’ll find the Glass Palace or National Assembly.

cam bois-sainte-anastasie

Bois Sainte Anastasie Recreation Park is a great place to get away from it all right in the heart of the city.

cam bois sainte

Here you can delight in lovely decorated scenery, crystal springs, beautiful gardens, winding footpaths, small bridges over ponds and so much more. People enjoy just taking walks here or enjoying picnics.

cam bois-sainte-anastasie restaurant

If you like you can eat at the Bois Sainte Anastasie Restaurant.

Exploring Cameroon

 cam limbe 2

Limbe is located on the slopes of Mount Cameroon which is an active volcanic mountain. This is a city where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. The city has lovely botanical gardens and nearby are waterfalls and a national park.

cam limbe mount cameroon

The mountain has a summit height of more than 4,000 m and is a challenge for hikers and mountain climbers. There is plenty of great hiking to do at the base of the mountain as well.

cam douala

Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and the capital of the Littoral Region. It is also home to Central Africa’s largest port and its major international airport. The business center here is the main one in the country and visitors can get a real look at modern Cameroon.

cam waza national 2

Waza National Park looks great in all four seasons. Here you can see wildlife like elephants, giraffes and hyenas. You can explore the park by vehicle and you can get a guide so you can get to see it all.

cam bamenda

Bamenda is the capital of Cameroon’s north-west. It is the right city for visitors who want to explore the country’s highlands with their lovely lush scenery and hidden villages.

cam bamenda 2

The surrounding landscape is great for mountain biking and hiking. There are radar guesthouses and restaurants.

cam foumban

Foumban is a great city for art lovers. This city has its roots in arts, music and architecture. It has the largest Muslim population and is like a blend of North and West Africa with its Islamic influences.

cam foumban royal palace

The main attraction here is The Royal Palace and it is also well worth it to visit the city mosque.

cam kirbi 2

Kribi is like a paradise with beaches of white sand, blues sea and restaurants serving fresh fish along the seafront.

cam kirbi Chutes_de_la_Lobe

After a relaxing day you can take a look at the amazing Chutes de la Lobe waterfalls that cascade right into the sea.

cam korup 2

Korup National Park stretches for a vast area of 126,000 hectares that include evergreen forest. The park is well maintained by resident scientists and has well-marked trails. In the park you can find many different species of birds among them hornbills and the extremely rare red-headed rock fowl. Visitors might see elephants and chimps on occasion.

cam dja faunal reserve 2

The Dja Faunal Reserve is one of the largest areas of protected rainforest in Africa. 90% of the reserve consists of unspoiled and protected forest.

cam Dja_River_view

The Dja River makes a natural border. The reserve is home to a large variety of primates.

cam campo

Campo Ma’an National Park is a massive national park covering an area of 264,000 hectares. There are diverse landscapes that vary from mountains to rain forest.

cam campo 3

This is home to many mammals, birds and even sea turtles that nest on the beaches here. All together there are over 80 species of mammals and more than 300 birds species. This national park is funded by the WWF.

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